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Guide for Green Hands - The Best Overwatch Heroes of Four Combat Categories

By John Ryan2016-05-13

There are 21 Heroes in Overwatch, and they are divided into four different combat categories: Offense, Defense, Support and Tank. Each hero character has his/her unique abilities. Some characters also do a better job that counter other heroes in battle, and the real art of war lies in blending the right heroes together for the maps at hand. All the heroes in Overwatch are pretty well balanced, but some ones can make a big difference when played alongside random teammates. If you're not sure which Hero to start with. Here Mmogah shows the selection of the best heroes to you.


Best Offense Hero for New Players: Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is one of the top characters and clearly aimed at the more standard FPS player.

1. Heavy Pulse Rifle - a rapid-fire machine gun with accurate and damaging.
2. Helix Rocket - an underslung rocket can launch the fire with three spiraling projectiles at once.
3. Sprint non-stop - Soldier 76 can eschew his weaknesses to shoot and move faster.
4. Tactical Visor - Soldier 76 gains auto-aim within his vision for a short time.
5. It is best to use in tight hallways due to many players can easily move out of the way of auto-aim, so the Soldier 76 is suitable for clearing hallways and tight spaces.  He has earned his spot on the best Overwatch hero list.


Best Defense Hero for New Players: Bastion

It is one of the most powerful defense characters in the game, and other teams will try to deal with it first.

Bastion is a mechanical combat monster, which is capable of switching into a turret mode that can rip through hordes of enemies.

1. Configuration: Recon - Bastion's normal mode, and Bastion is equipped with a sub-machine gun.
2. Sentry - a stationary mode, which can increase Bastion's firepower dramatically and give him some armors. A controllable, high-powered and well-defended sentry in a good spot is invaluable.
3. Tank - a timed mode that turns you into a tank. Gives a long range of explosive cannon.
4. Reconfigure - switch between the Recon and Sentry mode.
5. Self-repair - this is the strongest type in the game, but it can't be used while taking damage. Bastion cannot move or fire during it heals.

Best Tank Hero for New Players: Reinhardt

Reinhardt is the best match for new players. He is capable of projecting a massive shield your team to hide behind, which makes escorting your friends into the thick of battle.

1. Rocket Hammer - a wide swing melee attack that does heavy damage and knocks enemies back.
2. Shield - a large barrier in front of Reinhardt that moves with him, and the barrier takes a lot of damage to break.
3. Charge - Reinhardt powers forward in a straight line, grabbing enemies whom he hits.
4. Fire Strike - his only ranged attack. Reinhardt swings his hammer letting out a jet of fire that can hit multiple enemies in a row.
5. Earth shatter - touch the ground with the hammer, a wave of force is let out that knocks down and damages all enemies in a cone.

Reinhardt is the ultimate defense character, but also a lethal offense character with his charge and power.


Best Support Hero for New Players: Lucio

Lucio is a highly mobile support hero that speeds up and heals his team. He regularly takes the top spot in our monthly tier list. He needs to switch between two different radiating team buffs: a speed boost and a healing aura, but he is one of the simplest Support Heroes that you can play.

Lucio is a versatile Support hero that hits a nice middle ground between Zenyatta and Mercy. Passive healing provided by his Crossfade ability enables him to actively contribute damage to a fight with his Sonic Amplifier while healing his allies, and his high basic health & the knockback of his Sonic Amplifier's secondary fire make him more survivable than Zenyatta. He is capable of providing a massive speed boost, and a large damage absorption shield.


All in all, you can choose one hero that is suitable for you, but that's not enough to win the match, and you need to fast your Overwatch power rankings. If you do not have time or you just want to start the battle in competitive play - level 25, an easy efficient way is to ask an overwatch power leveling site for help.



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