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Some Incredible Features Should Be Added to FIFA 19 Career Mode

FIFA 19 new career mode feature: The Champions League is the best one, and this is only the beginning. The Champions League coming to FIFA 19 is a big deal.

Come to FIFA 19 to see that EA Sports will push the boat out further and deliver an even more immersive experience. We hope that some incredible features will be added to FIFA19 career mode. Here mmogah as a professional fifa coins store would like to share the details with fifa fans.


The addition of the Champions League is set to change FIFA 19 career mode in a big way along with some other exciting additions.

Authentic and exciting

FIFA 19 creative director Matthew Prior spoke about career mode:" There’s a big update in the sense that the Champions League is in there. This time, career mode is the most authentic it is ever been.”

Prior hinted that there would be a whole user interface overhaul to reflect the new league.

Along with some key cinematic additions that would bring a realistic feel to the career mode.


Managers and handling the press

Another addition is the option to customize your managers and have them host press conferences.

FIFA 18 had limited faces and styles when it came to picking your managers.

EA has started listening to fans advice on how to improve career mode.

With the manager’s press conferences being confirmed by EA’s sports developer Futmentor created an image of how this may look.

Multiple dialogue options will allow players to react to games their ways they want to, it may have an effect on your career mode based on how you react.

Prior made it clear that fans would be getting more in-depth details, with a full career mode reveal at Gamescom this year which takes place on August 21.


Press conferences 

This year, you have to negotiate with agents and managers to sign a player, with gamer choice put in the spotlight.

Right now, press conferences in the game are pretty dry and do not make capitalize properly on Frostbite technology.

We can fully expect to see a similar presentation echoed in press conferences come FIFA 19.


More customization

EA would make the experience feel even more personal by adding more character customization,

Frostbite makes player and manager models look better than ever, so there’s really no excuse.

There’s no spoken dialogue in the transfer negotiations, so maybe EA can find a way.


Scenario Mode

In Career Mode, you always start from fresh and take your team from a base level to greatness.

Perhaps one team is in the relegation zone and you only have four matches to turn it around? Or maybe you’ve just lost your star striker and have to coach up a young replacement?


Player decline

Time waits for no man, but on the last two FIFAs the ageing process is way too harsh.

After the age of 30, players begin to slow down, so dramatically that by 34 they’re pretty much unable to run.

Technical attributes often decline at an alarmingly fast rate too.

Seeing a 37-year-old Lionel Messi with a sprint speed in single figures is a tad harsh.



As EA Sports has the license, all of this would be fair game, so they’ll likely want to milk this for all its worth.

There will be a standalone Champions League mode, featuring the official commentary team - Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

This would include the pre-match introductions and menus, to the celebration of winning the trophy.

To read all the news and updates regarding FIFA 19, check out our FIFA news page.

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