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9 Things You Should Do in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

We are now officially less than a month away from the release of FIFA 19! The most important thing is to learn with our past experiences. Here MmoGah as a professional fifa coins seller will make a list of 10 things to do before FIFA 19 launches, and arguably, the most important ones!

1. Watch tutorials, learn what’s op

Tutorials are a fantastic way to add new parts in new game. Go watch Twitch streams with better players, check out YouTube tutorials that offer sound advice, it’s a fantastic way of improving your game and you can learn a lot you didn’t realize!


2. Do your research on SBCs

SBCs can be a huge opportunity to make money! Some SBCs for some league are also pretty much guaranteed to make some coins with the potential of a great pull! You don’t need to be scared of SBCs, just make sure to research and you could be about to hit a gold mine!


3. Use your coin bonuses

Coin bonuses are a massive blessing early on in the year, and they can allow you to sign a few marquee players! 82,000 coins is a lot! Use your bonuses!

4. Learn in Defeat

It is the best way to score goals in tough games. Starting for a defensive game can work in a few cases, but when you lose a goal or two in the first half of the game, it becomes incredibly hard for you to get win in the game. You never know what will happen, and your opponent may grab a last minute to bring you down.


5. Find a style that suits you, don’t copy the pros!

We aren’t pros, so don’t try to replicate them. There are OP mechanics the same as last years’ driven shot, but so many people try to replicate a pro’s game or custom tactics with no success.
The pro’s style works for them because they are so good and it suits them. It won’t suit most people and will just lead you not improving. Finding your own style that suits you will not only lead to more fun and enjoy how you play, but more wins and earn more fifa coins.


6. Build a well balanced team

Target men and strength seems to be a lot more consistent this year and we are excited about it! It’s important when building a squad to ensure your team isn’t all attacking players or all defensive players. Have a playmaker who can dictate play, have a brute enforcer in midfield who can run for days. A well-balanced team will lead to much more success and a better play style from you!


7. Have a plan for your team

Having a plan for your team will save you a lot of fifa 19 coins and probably help you get them faster. This does not mean you are playing 4 games, tomorrow 3 games. You only have an idea of a dream player you want to save up.

8. Pace your weekend league games out

If you don’t have the time then it really sucks, but if you have plenty of time don’t use all that time up in one day!
40 games in a day are just not going to show your best performance. Please pace your games out if you can! Take a break every few hours, make sure you’re drinking water to keep a clear head. It’s vital you perform at your best when against quality opposition and you can’t do this playing dozens of games in a row!

9. Sell your players at peak price, don’t too greedy.

Selling your players at peak price is the key to making fut coins in FUT. Don’t get greedy for a few thousand coins profit and risk losing tens of thousands. Yes it may come off, but play it safe make the profit, keep doing this and you’re going to earn a lot!


Lastly, for more fifa guides, please visit mmogah.com. Now fifa 18 coins is hot on sale at our site, so welcome to visit us.

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