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The 4 Things of How to Buy FFXIV Gil at Mmogah You Should know

John Ryan November 09th, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   


Have you bought ffxiv gil from Mmogah before? If you have bought, you will know about us some but probably not all. If you never buy ffxiv gil from mmoagh, you don’t know about us any. Now I introduce mmogah’s ffxiv gil service to everyone, I believe it will be useful for you if you need to buy ffxiv gil now or in the future.



How to get ffxiv gil fast at mmogah

In order to receive your ffxiv gil fast, please be in game or login game after you place your order. Because in order that we can offer the best service to our customers, we stock the gil on our own accounts, after we see your order usually which has not got paid we already start to login game. By the way, do not start to run dungeons after you put your order.

Why your ffxiv gil order got delayed

In most situations, no order will be delayed, almost all orders get delivered within minutes. But there are the following 4 reasons, result your order get delayed.

1.         You are running a dungeon when we login game. After you go through your dungeon, please contact us via our live chat.

2.         You are not online when we login game. In this case, we will email to you or send you a message to your phone number. Please contact us via our live chat when you are available.

3.         We need to confirm your information, since you are a first-time buyer or your order amount is big. In this situation, we should have emailed to you or sent you a message to your phone number. Please contact us via our live chat to confirm your information.

4.         We don’t have ffxiv gil in stock on your realms. In the case, we will email you or SMS you to tell you we are out of stock, but usually we can deliver your order within 30mins to 2 hours. That wont take long.

We offer safe & secure ffxiv gil

We don’t send ffxiv gil via in-game mailbox, because as you all know to mail game currency to others is not a normal gameplay way in any online game, it is unreasonable others often send much gil to you. SE can easily to catch both of us if they want. For example, Trion withdrew  illicit archeage gold from gold buyers on Oct 22, 2014. What we need to act as normal players to do normal in-game trade, we offer 4 kinds of safe & secure ffxiv gil delivery mothods:

·      Either choose a face to face trade

·      Or delivery through the Market Board

·      Or have us deposit it in your FC chest.

·      Lastly we can buy items chosen by you and trade them

You can learn more about our safe & secure ffxiv gil delivery mothods through How to Avoid Getting Ban for Buying FFXIV GIL and Our Guide to Buying FFXIV Gil at Mmogah.


We sell cheap ffxiv gil not the cheapest ffxiv gil

Our ffxiv gil price is reasonable, we adjust price according to ff14 gil market everyday to match other sites. We always can see some sites shout slogans: “Cheapest”, but usually their prices are not the cheapest as they shout, they just use “Cheapest” to attract you. If the site really has the ridiculous cheapest price, you must be careful, since the site is likely a scammer. Please please search the site’s review on Google before you send them money. As this kind of site, they may not scam you at the first time, however they will finally scam you one day. And besides scamming you, they wouldn’t have other good customer services. This article The Trick about Cheapest FF14 Gil, FFXIV Gil may be useful for you.

Mmogah is the largest FFXIV Gil sale website, also we are the most trustworthy website for the online games service which is often frowned upon. We are committed to offer the perfect service to all of our customers. 

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