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MmoGah Made Relevant Adjustments Based on FFXIV NA/EU/JP Data Center Expansion

The FFXIV NA/EU Date Center Expansion has been completed. This was a change of the game’s data center distribution, with the single European center becoming two centers and the two North American centers becoming three centers and the two Japan centers becoming three centers. Above all, there are 8 data centers now, Chaos, Light, Aether, Primal, Crystal, Elemental, Gaia and Mana.


Square Enix beefed up its server infrastructure to better handle the influx of players that would access the game for July Shadowbringers expansion. The result would hopefully be more stable data centers with fewer servers on each, but that would also mean a chunk of maintenance time and free transfers, as previewed on the official site.


The players can do cross-server transaction, such as players can buy the gil of Balmung server on Coeurl server. In addition, players can play together even though they are on different servers, which is a good experience and can be convenient for players.


European Servers: Chaos and Light (Current)


New EU Data Centers (Current)



North American Servers: Aether, Primal and Crystal (Current)


New NA Data Centers (Current)


Japan Servers: Elemental, Gaia and Mana (Current)


New Japan Data Centers (Current)


For ffxiv NA/EU/JP data center expansion, MmoGah.Com (ranking No.1 ffxiv gil selling website in google) made relevant adjustments:


1. The 8 data centers were added to the ffxiv gil landing page, and under each data were its own servers.

2. Japan servers has been updated and 3 Japan data centers were added to the ffxiv gil landing page, keeping the same with the game.

3. “Asterisk” and “Legacy” of old servers were deleted on the ffxiv gil landing page, just keeping the same as other servers.

4. The 8 data centers were added to the ffxiv gil quick shop on the top left corner of the webpage.

5. The display of the data centers was added to the order information in shopping cart, payment page and quickpayment page.

6. The quick shop was added to the ffxiv gil landing page.

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Order on Mobile

7. Similar with ffxiv gil landing page, the 8 data centers were added to the ffxiv power leveling landing page. In addition, “asterisk” and “Legacy” of old servers were also deleted, just keeping the same as other servers.

We are willing to improve our services to satisfy each customer, so if you have any suggestions, please tell us via 24/7 online Live Chat.


Do not hesitate to experience our new adjustments for ffxiv gil landing page and ffxiv power leveling landing page.




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