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Level 50-60 and New Class FFXIV Power Leveling Is Online, the Cheap FFXIV Power Leveling Is at Mmogah

With FFXIV new Patch 3.0 Heavensward online, new classes Dark Knight, Astrologian, Machinist and new level upper limit level 60 are added. As the most professional FF14 service site and the largest FFXIV Gil seller, Mmogah provides the new FFXIV Power Leveling service to meet more players. And the price of some service has been adjusted, you will enjoy the best service with a lower price.

Level 50-60 and New Class FFXIV Power Leveling Is Online, the Cheap FFXIV Power Leveling Is at Mmogah

The explanation of the new service is as following.

l  FFXIV Lv50-60 Power Leveling

It is the hottest at Mmogah. If you choose it, we could complete not only your ordered class Lv50-60, but also the job quests. What’s more, we keep all the drops on your account, it means you will have a suit of basic equipment which gets from the quests and dungeons. With it you will play more smoothly. If you don’t complete the main Scenario Quest “Before the Dawn”, don’t worry, you can contact our live chat for a rational price.

l  FFXIV Allagan Tomestone Power Leveling

The new Allagan Tomestone, Allagan Tomestone of Law is added. It is introduced in Patch 3.0, can be used to purchase Yasha equipment (item level 170, upgradable to Asuran equipment, item level 180). Unlike the Allagan Tomestone before, which players could obtain below level 50 from beast tribe quests, it is completely impossible to obtain Allagan Tomestones of Law before the player has any class or job at level 60. It is the most important method to get high level equipment.

If you don’t have enough time to collect Allagan Tomestone of Law, but you still want to get high level equipment as soon as possible, you can choose the FFXIV Allagan Tomestone Power Leveling at Mmogah. You only need to complete Heavensward Main Scenario Quests and item Lv145 or higher. If you can’t match the conditions, we also have other Power Leveling for you just like FFXIV Quest & Dungeons Power Leveling. You can contact our Live Chat to tell us your requirement, we will design a suitable plan for you.

From Heavensward online, the 2 kinds of FF14 Power Leveling at Mmogah is hot on sale and widely praised. The traditional FFXIV Power Leveling at Mmogah is adjusted as well, it is faster and cheaper. According to your class (DPS, Tank & Healer) and if you already have or don’t have a higher Lv class, you can choose the option at Mmogah. If you can’t find your level’s need, you can contact our Live Chat to customize your own class power leveling. Whatever you need, we will try our best to customize for you.

Level 50-60 and New Class FFXIV Power Leveling Is Online, the Cheap FFXIV Power Leveling Is at Mmogah

The FFXIV Power Leveling team at Mmogah is the most professional and trustworthy. The handwork team has quite rich experience, everyone in it is a professional player in FF14. Different from some other sites, you can play your account any time during it power leveling at Mmogah. You just need contact us to tell when you want to log in.

No matter when you need to buy FFXIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling, Mmogah is your best choice. Our Live Chat is 24/7 online waiting for you. 


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