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A Thank you Mail from a FFXIV GIL Buyer

John Ryan July 31st, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   


Unexpectedly, Mmogah received a thank-you email from one of our FFXIV GiL buyer (on EU-Phoenix server). We were very glad and unexpected is because we never sent any spam letters to ask our customers to leave feedback or write good reviews for us to our contact email or on sites.

The following is the full text of the mail:

Hi there,

I'd just like to say I appreciate the way you guys conduct your services! I've been a buyer for a bit now and I decided to try out a different site just to see what the offerings were like.

While it was a bit cheaper, I was greeted by a Lv 1 Adventurer who mailed me my gil and stated via tell "Your transaction is complete."

There is absolutely no way you could deny having partaken in a rule breaking trade if that is what the other person has to say haha. Well, after that, I'm happy to say there's no point trying any other sites since the price isn't worth the elevated chance of being caught!


A customer from Phoenix (EU)

Here is the Thank-you email screenshot.

M.C., thank you for your letter. As M.C. said, we do care about our customers, stand by their side and commit to protecting them. We leveled up our trade characters with normal names, offer 4 Secure Delivery Methods and do not say any word about transaction in game, just like both of us are normal players.

M.C. mentioned price. As we all know price is one of the most important factors which all buyers will think about before buying, we adjust prices everyday according to the market. We may not be the cheapest but must be the most reasonable according to our service and the market. On the other hand, when you find some sites publish much cheaper price than others, you should confirm it isn't a scam site first. We have heard of many tough lessons.

The reviews about these scam sites read as follows.

"Scammed for 12$ (paid through paypal). Never got the money or the goods. Asked them about it multiple times and even though they assured me that they will deliver in 15 minutes or in one hour (and they said it pretty much every hour), nothing happened. Excuse was always the same. Their gold supplier has issues with game client. Every day? Really?"

"I quick summary: I bought and I did not receive anything. Gold- forget, always not enough, wait. Few mail and contact no result. Live Chat off, mail off. Just pay and you will write as much as i and others before me. Scam 100%"

"I bought gold for Eden Eternal back in October 2013. I asked before I paid if they were in stock and if they were online. They told me yes and yes. So I paid. As soon as I paid I was told that they had gone offline. I bugged them every day for either my gold or a refund, and the online reps always told me they would refund me when the boss is in. UPDATE: THERE IS NO BOSS."


On mmogah.com, all the situations above will never happen to you. For our new customers who do not trust us, we can show you our FFXIV Gil first by sending you a screenshot. You can also meet us while taking screenshot, in this way you know it is taken present. And we guarantee refund any time. We do so because Mmogah puts customer satisfaction on the top position.

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