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EVE Echoes ISK Farming Guide – Planetary Production

By Alice Fu2020-09-27

EVE Echoes ISK is the official currency in the game EVE Echoes, which is very important and has many uses. No one doesn’t want more isk, so please follow us in this guide to know more of Planetary Production. We hope it can give you the very best start possible in eve echoes.


EVE Echoes ISK Farming Guide


The video is from Captain Benzie, which shares detailed tips on planetary production in EVE Echoes. The content is written by first person.



Planetary Production is a form of resource gathering that you may use for manufacture. Unlike mining this does not require any specific ships and makes a great little side income earner for anyone playing eve echoes. We are going to talk about how to set up planetary production mining arrays, what kind of ores you should be looking for, what skills will benefit doing this and of course how to actually do it.



If we open the main menu and head right down to the Planetary Production icon, you will see this little screen shows you very particular planet in the sector and there is some really cool stuff about this screen. You can tap for info and get an idea on everything about this planet as someone who sits there and stares at the night sky.



N7-BIY 1 is a lava planet and it will give glossy compound, heavy metals, noble metals or poly aramids. Next to those you will see the volume that you can mine here: glossy compound has a medium amount; heavy metals is medium; noble metals is poor and poly aramids is rich. As we look down the different planets in the system you will see that they all have different types like baron planet, lava planet and they will all have different yields and possibilities of the minerals that you can find on them.



Temperate planet such as N7-BIY6 has opulent compound or condensates at perfect. The higher quality it is, the more you will get per yield and the quicker that your mining arrays will manage to fill that up. Let’s have a look at what else you have. Fiber composite, reactive metals, coolant and lustering alloy. Lustering alloy is actually a really basic material used in a lot of things. That’s probably the one that we’re going to go for here. I would recommend lustering alloy if you have only got a couple of arrays. If you are doing this as a side job, it is also a good one.



So we are going to hit play Place a Development Array. This will put a development array on this particular planet now. The higher your planetary skills, the more planets you will be able to mine on. At the start, you can only put a ray down on one planet, but skills will allow you to eventually populate two planets and I think actually more as you get up through advanced and expert. But once you've got an array placed, you can then choose by using the plus and minus arrows. How to set up that array? If I want to just kind of mess around there and have little bits of all of those, that's how I could set it. Of course I'm going to set that as full four on that lustering alloy perfect. I'm going to hit confirm on that now and that will now immediately as you see start to add to actually perform that mining that lustering alloy it says no inventory that is slowly starting to fill up. Now this particular array as you can see will keep mining for the next two and a half hours, which means you can't just leave here. Go on holiday. Come back and expect there to be a load of stuff here. What you need to is to log in at least once every 24 hours, hit that positive little symbol there and suddenly bam we're up to 24 hours and that will count down here. As you can see, I have now finished mining my first lustering alloy. We are not going to launch that yet. Kind of pointless to go all the way out there just to collect one. This happens over time, so again log in, get to that 20, gets that plus sign, refresh it if you need to and then you can go and collect anything that has been harvested. I'm going to skip ahead to when this has actually managed to harvest a decent smount for us. Now of course if we go back to mining settings, down here at the bottom you have Demolish Mining Array, if you want to change which planet you are going, you are mining, then 100 that is what you're going to need to do. You will need to hit demolish mining array, and that will then take it apart, you can then go to a different planet and select that one.



Now of course once you've got an array going as well at the top of the Planetary Production menu here on the top left, you can see that is now there as kind of a bookmark and we're audio clustering alloy4 which make me happy and there's a bookmark there on the top left now you do need to be in the system itself to claim this and to set this up. Obviously if you want to start jumping around different systems to have a look at what are in nearby regions, you 100 should do that go scouting out different regions and different systems finding what you need. If there's a particular material or mineral that you're looking for, for example, you've got your blueprint you're having a look at it and it says actually I need more base metals, then have a look around the different systems in your area and find one with a base metal.



It's also worth noting at this point as well that the security level of your system does massively influence how much you yield from a planet. The higher the security, the lower and slower that yield ultimately. That means here being out in N7-BIY, being a negative 0.6 system, planetary production arrays out here are particularly lucrative. They do actually harvest at quite an astonishing rate. If I go back you will see that we are now already at lustering alloy 6, if I were in say a 0.8 system up in high sec, I probably would only have harvested the one by now that is a big important difference to note.



So planetary production is something you're interested in clearly. You will know how do you then increace your yields and your skills. If we go across into our industrial skills, we can have a look at all the different parts here and I have got to find which one it's under. I'm sure it's under there we are planet management planetology. You do actually get a skill chip for planetology as part of the advanced tutorials and so it is worth you know. Making sure that you do get to that advanced tutorial and do it, even if you do decide that you are going to train planetology before then, that skill chip will refund any points that you've put in. So if like me you go up to planetology three, then you get that skill chip and use it and it will refund the points that you put in already, which is a very useful thing to do. Let's have a look at what this skill actually does. So if we open it up and tap on the three lines that gives us the skill effects. At level one planetary production launch time is sped up by 10 percent, so it's faster to launch and you'll see what that is in a moment. When I go to launch later on and in this video you'll see that you have to launch and it does take a brief period of time before that launch actually happens, that means that goes faster and also it yields the cargo hold at plus 20 percent, so you can have more in three to actually launch. Then as you go down level two adds an extra mining array, so you saw that when I set it up I have four, that means you will only have two at the beginning and once you hit level two of planetology, that will increase the mining rates plus one, giving you the option of three. At level three that goes up to plus two, which is how I've got four. I get a 30 percent increased launch speed and my cargo hold is twice the size of a standard cargo hold. Once I hit level four that becomes 150 percent with a 40 percent speed, and I can now mine an additional planet. You can see their maximum development planets at level four is plus one, that means I'll be able to mine two separate planets and with a total mining array on each of those of five. Level five then gives us a couple of extra boosts there not an extra planet yet. But down we go, that means that once you hit there you can have a 50 percent extra speed. You can be mining on two planets with a total of six mining arrays and your cargo hold is three times the size of a standard cargo hold plus two hundred percent.



Of course once planetology is done, you can go into advanced planetology. It's more of the same but obviously higher levels and you do need to be an omega level clone for that to be active, but if planetology is something that you're interested in, that is well worth doing. That is the only skill you need for this. There's literally nothing else to this, which makes it a great little side gig. If like me you're mainly focused on combat, this just gives you something that you can do passively in the background and I do recommend that every character does it whether you skill into it or not do it. Do it, collect those resources, gather them up and eventually sell them on the market. That helps everyone and it earns you a little bit of extra risk as well.


The final thing to talk about with planetary production is of course how to actually pick it up. So if we go back to the planetary production menu, you'll see here that we've got our array out here on the planet with the option to launch it. That is what we're going to have to do and this will take a brief period of time anywhere from a matter of seconds up to a couple of minutes as you can see here, based on how much you are ejecting into space. It is vital at this point that you do set that as a destination and you do aim to get there as quickly as possible. Especially out here in nullsec, there is every possibility that container, once it's in space is going to be the target of someone to loot. They can come out and grab it. You've seen that i almost did that to poor old gen silos in our corporation.



Having undocked you can see it then autopilots us straight out to the area where that has now been jettisoned. When I get here if i open up the loot we will see that it's not actually here yet. Oh no it has lodged. There we are it has launched I can immediately open that, loot that and take it with me you can see here that drizzle as well one of the guys from the catskill cartel. His container is out here as well if I wanted to be really rude I could actually go and approach that and loot it. That said of course I'm not going to do that, I'll let drizzle come and claim his himself.



Anyway the article should cover everything that I need to mention about planetary production, so hopefully this will give you an insight on what you should be doing in order to actually start harvesting minerals from planets. This is one of the biggest gateways to industrialism to manufacture, simply because this is time gated. You can't just sit there and force a load of lustering alloy or whatever you do have to set up that array and then wait for it to go or of course buy it on the market, so hopefully the content answers some questions.



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