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The Hardware Test of Nostalrius Is Coming This Weekend

All Nostalrius fans knew that Elysium-project has finished the stress test today. The test went very well. The second test is coming this Sunday (November 27th), which will be on the new hardware, and will be able to handle far more significant numbers.  We know it is not easy to wait for something as exciting as the return of Nostalrius. So let's take a look at what's been happening, and what you can expect in the upcoming few days. Here let Mmogah shows you the detail message that comes from Elysium-project.



"Dear players, we want to thank you again for joining us today on the stress test. We're happy to announce that the test went very well, and we have all the data we hoped to gain from this initial test. We peaked at 7.500 players, and had over 20 thousand accounts created. We have already begun preparing for next week's test. We ask that you join us again this coming weekend to test the Nostalrius PvP & Elysium fresh realm hardware! The time will be the same as this week. Sunday, November 27th at 12:00 PM EST/18:00 GMT+1!"

In order to participate in the stress test, one player needs to sign up a new account. All the new accounts will not be saved for transfer. You can use the old accounts until Nostalrius launches.



We understand there has been concerns about whether or not we would rename the realms running the Nostalrius core and database. 

 "The PvP realm hosting the Nostalrius character database will be named “Nostalrius PvP” exactly as you knew it from the previous realm. The same goes for the PvE realm, which will be named “Nostalrius PvE”. 

The last realm, that will be running the beloved Nostalrius core, and offering a completely fresh start, will be named in memory of the, now defunct, realm: Elysium PvP."

You can choose which realm you will be able to transfer your character to. You can't transfer it from PvP to PvE. For example:

If you had a character on Nostalrius PVP realm, it will be available on the PVP realm;

If you had a character on Nostalrius PVE realm, it will be available on the PVE realm;

If you have a character on Elysium currently, you can move it to the New Fresh Realm - PvP Realm for anyone, no transfers.


Expect to hear more messages from Elysium-project. The return of Nostalrius will take much time, and I’d advise you to be patient if you really desire a quality Vanilla server experience.



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