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Good Gems for All Classes of Diablo 4

By Ansley2023-04-28

Diablo 4 Gems are going to be able to give insane amounts of damage. So these are good for builds. In this article, let’s find out how good some of these gems are.


Good Gems for All Classes of Diablo 4



It can give you plus life and will be the best for most builds. If you want the best gems in the armor, it will likely be the Ruby because it’s 100% useful in every book.



The Emerald is going to be best for thorns damage. This could be a very good one for any thorns build.



It will be the best in-slot thing for most DPS. It increases damage from crit based on the enemy’s crowd control.



Amethyst goes from 4% or 5% damage over time. In Jewelry, it adds resistance to shadow.



In armor, the skulls are going to be the best. The way armor works in Diablo 4 compared to the previous Diablo games is that armor gives you flat physical damage reduction and all damage reduction, which is absolutely amazing.



It grants damage to your weapons and gives defense to your armor.


Rules to Gems

Certain characters have a different number of gems than others.


In terms of weapons, all of the character classes will be different. You can have a total of six if you’re playing Barbarian. You have four if you’re playing Rogue and two if you’re playing Druid, Necro, or Sorceress.


However, for the armor, all classes will always have five. That’s one in the helmet, two in the body, and two in the legs.


And for Jewelry, all classes will have three: two for rings and one for the amulet.


How Powerful Gems Can Be

When we look at the Amethyst in the armor, it gives damage taken over time reduction. If you were to get a level 10 or tier 10 version of the Amethyst, it would decrease damage by 21% per level 10. In armor, if you have five gem sockets and throw Amethyst on each socket, you would have decreased 105% damage over time production. This is very powerful if you are in battle.


When we see the Amethyst in weapons, depending on your playing class, it increases damage over time. With an Amethyst, you would increase damage by 13%. If you’re playing Barbarian which has six sockets, you will get 78% increased damage over time. If you throw Amethyst in every piece of weapon, you get almost double the DPS just with gems.


Necro and Barb can both play thorns with five gems. If they use Emeralds, they can get 19 thorns from each Emerald.


Rubies are good on every single build. You would get a 9.5% life per Ruby. If you socket five Rubies, it equals up to 47.5% life. That’s almost 50% extra HP.


You can get 43% damage per Topaz when just socketing Topaz in the weapon. Barbarian can get up to 258% bonus damage on Basic Skills. Rogue can get up to 172% bonus damage with four sockets, and other classes can get up to 86% with two sockets.


Sapphire is going to be the best because critical hit damage is a very important thing. With it, Barbarian can hit so hard. You can have up to 117% increased Critical Strike damage to crowd-control enemies.



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