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Diablo 4 Season 5: Update Information and Roadmap 2024

By Nancy G
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We got more information from Blizzard about the Diablo 4 Season 4 mid-season update and the Season 5 PTR. Let's go over this, and then we can use these dates with other things Blizzard has announced to piece together the entire roadmap for Diablo 4 for the year.

On Friday, Jun 14, we will get the patch notes for the mid-season update. It says it will be class-balance and have a ton of significant updates. I'm hoping the class balance will mostly mean buffing the stuff behind. I hope that Blizzard has learned previously in the year that we want to have more fun. They nerf all of our characters that we've made into the ground in the middle of the season, which usually isn't fun.

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Then, on Friday, June 21, they will have a season 5 PTR Campfire Chat. This is good news: we're getting a PTR. First of all, that probably means that Blizzard thought that the PTR last time helped a lot because we gave a lot of feedback. This means that season five is a major season because they have said that they are not completely committed to always doing the PTR but will if the seasons have major content. So, the fact that we are having a PTR for season 5 is great news. Then they explain some of their decisions, and we're going to get the mid-season buff before the PTR because season 5 will include some of the mid-season stuff. It's nice to see that the team is on top of these things.


D4 Roadmap

 D4 S5 roadmap

1. June 14, mid-season patch notes

2. June 18, patch

3. June 21, Season 5 PTR Campfire

4. June 25 / July 9, S5 PTR

5. July 18, Spiritborn showcase

6. Aug 6, S5

7. Sep / Oct, mid S5 patch

8. Oct 8, Expansion



That's everything I know or everything I've been able to piece together for most of the year on Diablo 4. Maybe they'll have some more campfires in there and maybe some more cool stuff, but from everything we've gathered, this should be accurate for what's to come.

It's going to be a great time for an RPG fan. Last Epoch is releasing their Uber bosses that's coming soon. The new PoE 2 stuff looks amazing, and then I think one month later, maybe in November, when we're getting the PoE 2 beta. Then we will get the Elden Ring DLC coming soon. Now is a good time to be a gamer.


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