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  • Astellia Spooktacular Event: Candy For The Candy King
    By Nancy G2019-10-19 00:00:00

    Greetings Astellians, the Annual Halloween Candy Hunt is coming! There will be two glorious weeks of mischievous and ghoulishly delightful fun. Go forth and collect as much of this candy as you can, and the candy king might just be gracious enough to give you something in return. Now I will show you details.






    Start Date: 10/22/2019

    End Date: 11/05/2019 (12:00am PDT)





    Event World Drops

    - Nasty Smelling Candy (Tokens) will drop from all event monsters in the world, and can be used to purchase event items from the event specific vendor (see below).

    ​- These tokens can’t be placed or traded in account storage.​


    Daily Event Quests

    - These can be completed at various levels ranging from level 1-50 and are located in major villages such as Almatin, Frel, Greleaf, Meiville, and Ivera.​

    - Players must defeat ten of the ‘Pumpkin Head’ monsters to earn the reward of a Candy Box which contains:​

    ▪ Nasty Smelling Candy Token (×500)

    ▪ Dungeon Ticket (×4)

    ▪ Sweet Candy pack (×1)

    Astellia Asper (8,000)

    - Quest Monsters will spawn at various levels ranging from level 1 - 50 (depends on spawn zone).​

    - Spawn locations include: Northern Arau Forest, Dark Totem Hill, Gladeth Plains & Decatris Forest, High Seneca, Onips Tropical Forest, and Greleaf.​


    Event Dungeon

    - A new event dungeon has been added, which contains full of Halloween themed monsters and festive decorations.​

    - The minimum level requirement to participate is level 35, and will cost 2 dungeon tickets upon entry.​

    - The rewards for completing the dungeon are as follows:​

    ▪ Nasty Smelling Candy Token (×10) [Guaranteed]​

    ▪ Eligos Astel Skin (The Candy King) [Chance to Drop]​

    ▪ Plus other basic dungeon rewards (similar to running a normal level appropriate dungeon)​


    Event Token Vendor

    - An event specific vendor will be located in major villages such as Meiville, Frel, Ivera, Almatin, and Greleaf.​

    - Sell all of those nasty candies at the following rates for event specific items:​

    Item Name Tokens Effect / Description
    Halloween Costume (White Skeleton) 4000 Applies costume appearance when equipped.
    Sweet Candy Pack 50 Randomly Obtain 1 to 3 of event candies.
    Move Speed Candy 20 +5% Movement Speed (30 Minute Duration)
    EXP Candy 20 +5% Additional EXP Earned (30 MD)
    Item Drop Candy 20 +5% Increased Item Drop Chance (30MD)
    Astel EXP Candy 20 +5% Additional EXP Earned (30 MD)
    Crafting & Gathering EXP Candy 20 +5% Additional EXP Earned (30 MD)
    Instant 20% HP Potion 20 Instantly restores 20% of Character Health.
    Instant 20% MP Potion 20 Instantly restores 20% of Character Mana.



    That’s all about this event. You can come to MmoGah to see more Astellia News, and you can also Buy Astellia Asper here. We will never let you down!