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  • Artwork Showcase of Caerleon Faction in Albion Online
    By Ansley2021-03-12 00:00:00

    The Call to Arms update will be available on March 17th, bringing a new Caerleon Faction. What do you think the Caerleon faction will look like in the world of Albion Online? Albion’s Art Director Marcus Koch presents concept art for the game’s newest faction.



    Marcus Koch shows us Caerleon’s art style. We have a richer, more concrete Caerleon faction in our minds. Let us know its creation background, its game place, its game image, as well as the hints that players need to be careful with the dangers. According to the introduction of these elements, what picture do we have in our minds? I think maybe that’s the imagination the designers left us. So let’s take a look.


    caerleon 1


    Creation Background of Aesthetic Design

    The designers hope that the Caerleon faction will give players a darker, more twisted theme style. They drew inspiration from the real world of the Thirty Years’ War. The Thirty Years’ War was the result of the intensified conflicts among European countries. It was the total outbreak of various religious and international political conflicts in Europe for hundreds of years. Let’s imagine, in this environment, that Careleon’s past prosperity and glory are gone, and the Caerleon Council decides to enter the inter-city battle for more benefits. What would you do if you were in this situation? Would you fight for your property? Would you fight for your faction? A million thoughts are running through your mind. I think that’s the chaos that the designers are trying to convey to you.



    “Stabbed Mug” Tavern’s Design

    The whole social environment is in a mess. People can get property such as Albion Online Silver quickly by extraordinary means, but also, in a specific situation, you will lose all your wealth, even your life. You always have to be on your guard because you never know the people’s intentions around you. You may face unknown conflicts at any time or place, so keep your arms close and don’t fall into the trap of others.



    And that’s how the social environment in which “Stabbed Mug” tavern was born. You’ll meet a variety of people in this grubby medieval tavern, and you may find you join in a faction for generous reward before you know what you are fighting. The way you accept recruitment may seem informal, but that’s what the designers want, and the “Stabbed Mug” tavern is just a base that the designers want to give our players.



    Game Image of Caerleon Faction

    caerleon 2






    Besides the image, there are CAERLEON GREYWOLF PUP and CAERLEON GREYWOLF ELITE PUP. Those can be grown into a TIER 5 CAERLEON GREYWOLF or a TIER 8 CAERLEON ELITE GREYWOLF, respectively.



    Any Hints of Detail People Need to Be Careful with  

    Walking down the alleys, you meet the shadows that come and go, and you find mysterious visitors in the tavern, etc. You have to pay attention to the details around you, more plot waiting for you to discover.



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