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Aion 6.0: New Zone Lakrum Guide

By Nancy G
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Lakrum is a new area that is introduced in Aion 6.0, which replaces Iluma and Norsvold. It is a shared map and acts as the main leveling area for Elyos and Asmodian players between levels 75 and 80. Today MmoGah will show you this new zone guide.


Lay of the Land


Lakrum appears to be a region that is primarily defined through its abundant forestry, with a few coves or lakes to be found in the Western and Southern sections of the map. It features the return of many systems that defined previous Aion expansions, such as a fortress with artifacts on a leveling map and neutral zones following its nature as a shared map.


Another feature of Lakrum is one fortress located near the top of the map, as well as 7 artifacts. The artifacts have bases around them that can be captured to take over control the artifact, similar to some bases in the Upper Abyss.


Asmodian activity will be concentrated on the eastern area, while Elyos players will work through the western section of the map. The center is a joint area designated for level 80 players.


Tour of Lakrum

When you enter the area, you will see two merchants. The woman is unavailable, because she will be released at 6.1.



The man is available and he sells some mats, including purple, red and yellow items that you need to craft.


Here you can see four merchants (on the right) for PvP gear and they are very important to you. There is a more important merchant beside them for primeval fragments. Primeval fragments are very important for you, because they are the ones that give you the starting point of your best PvP gear.


Here are four merchants (on the left) for PvE gear, and they are not really important.


The new area Lakrum is very beautiful and awesome. Personally speaking, I love this zone very much, because it bring me unprecedented excellent gaming experience. It feels like watching a 3D movie, to be exact, it feels more like the VR. If you want to know more about Lakrum, you can watch Sywo’s video, which can bring you a visual feast.


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