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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 – What is Coming

NightmareAugust 11th, 2022

The game Final Fantasy XIV is welcoming its next new patch 6.2, in late August, and there will be many new things added in this patch. Let's see what is coming and what most of the players are excited about.

The Best Guide to Gems in PoE and How to Master Gem Links

Pen SlingersAugust 10th, 2022

Path of Exile is fun to play but a little complicated as well, and for new players, Path of Exile can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to utilizing skills or using gems.

FFXI Ambuscade Guide: Requirements, Rewards, Battle Type and More

AwaisqureshiAugust 10th, 2022

Ambuscade is an instanced dungeon battlefield in which players’ team up against the monster-of-the-month. So this article will help you to understand all features of this game. It provides you with how to play levels of the game and also provides the armor details.

WotLK Classic Guide: Best Races for PvE Combat Rogue

HasiAugust 10th, 2022

Battle Rogues are lightly armored soldiers that favor close combat and use potent weapons that cut and slice their adversaries. Very little subtlety is used in their games; instead, they choose to charge straight into combat and savagely assault their foes. The Combat Rogue leaves a trail of dead enemies in its wake, demonstrating their skill with various weapons.

All the Basics You Need to Know About the Skill Tree in Path of Exile

Pen SlingersAugust 09th, 2022

Path of Exile is a pretty complicated game and overwhelming for many new players. As the skill tree of Path of Exile is different and complicated, we will provide you with a straightforward guide to help you understand and build.

Elden Ring Guide: New DLC Release Date, Rumors, and Visions

BosboneAugust 09th, 2022

In this article, we will cover everything about the upcoming Elden Ring DLC. When it will come, and what the fans wish for in this DLC.

Five Toughest Bosses in FFXI

BosboneAugust 08th, 2022

Boss fights are a cornerstone of the gaming experience, and this franchise has featured memorable bosses for years. While some bosses are easy targets, others are truly difficult and test players' mettle. Which boss battles are the hardest, is a topic of discussion in this article.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Ultimate Frost Death Knight Guide

Richard KayodeAugust 08th, 2022

In the forthcoming Wrath Classic, we've been granted access to a new class as Death Knights appear. We have introduced the Unholy Death Knight and Blood Death Knight before. Today we will introduce the Frost Death Knight for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

FFXIV Crafting Guide - Basics for Beginners

NightmareAugust 07th, 2022

Crafting has always been one of the core mechanisms of any MMO, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception. The only difference is that FFXIV goes in-depth, providing many choices and specializations that make the concept even harder to understand.

How to Level Up Your Path of Exile Class Faster to Start Farming End Game

Pen SlingersAugust 05th, 2022

There are specific ways to upgrade your character level; keep in mind there is no fast or quick way to reach the maximum level required to start the endgame. In this guide, we will tell you about the most effective ways that can be a head start for you to level up your character.

WoW Classic WotLK Class Guide - Top 3 Hardest Specs to Play

Shirley HuangAugust 05th, 2022

Welcome to our WoW Classic WotLK hardest specs guide. We're going to be talking about the top 3 hardest specs to play in the game. The answer is known across the board from all Wrath players, and the three specs are kind of the default hardest specs to play. I hope that you can enjoy this content. Well, let's jump into it.

Everything New Coming to FFXI with the August 2022 Update

DanikhanAugust 05th, 2022

With the next version update for Final Fantasy XI getting closer, it seems that the wait is finally nearing its end. The update is scheduled to launch in early August 2022. If you are hyped for all the new things coming to FFXI with this new update, you are not alone. Here is everything we know so far about what changes and new stuff are coming to the game.

Five Low-Level D2R Runewords to Make the Normal Difficulty Easy

AnsleyAugust 05th, 2022

In this article, we will recommend five best low-level Runewords you can use to help conquer the normal mode in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Let’s dive in.

Path of Exile Guide: How to Get the Mirror of Kalandra

Pen SlingersAugust 04th, 2022

PoE lovers at MmoGah have put together a guide to help you farm for the most coveted item and help you discover the thrill of discovering a Mirror of Kalandra among the loot.

Which Job Should We Level Up First as an FFXI Returning Player

PennyAugust 04th, 2022

Are you an FFXI returning player or a new player and have no idea what job to level first since there are various jobs for you to start off in FFXI? Then you are in the right place! We shared some views here for your reference and hope it is helpful.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Ultimate Blood Death Knight Tank Guide

Richard KayodeAugust 04th, 2022

Welcome to MmoGah's Blood Death Knight Tank guide for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic. In the forthcoming Wrath Classic, we've been granted access to a new class as Death Knights make their appearance.

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