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Lost Ark Pheon – What It Does, How to Get and What to Do with It Now

PennyMarch 25th, 2022 3270

Lost Ark is a game bloated with lots of currencies. Some can be obtained by completing in-game activities, like gold Lost Ark or Crystals. Some are used to purchase items from the Auction House, like Pheons, which many players may find confusing. So in this guide, we will explain to you what Pheon is and how to get it and what to do with it.

Lost Ark Skill Runes - How to Farm Wealth Rune Fastest

JessieMarch 24th, 2022 4293

Lost Ark has many vital systems. Skill Runes system is one of them, which players can use to customize characters. Except for Awakening, all skills can be augmented with Skill Runes in the game. Skills runes include many different Runes. Among them, Wealth Runes are very vital.

Free Mounts You Can Get in Lost Ark

Michel ZMarch 24th, 2022 1561

Like in many other MMO games, mounts are used to travel faster in Lost Ark. But most of the fastest mounts are not free. If you want to get a mount without spending your precious Lost Ark gold, you are in the right place.

Lost Ark: Important Settings and Features You Need to Know About!

AnnaMarch 24th, 2022 1275

Lost Ark has some pretty cool features tucked away into its settings menu, but the issue is, lots of them are hard to find! This article explains where to find key things that players are looking for. Let's get straight to the topic.

Tips Everyone Needs to Know in FINAL FANTASY XIV

NightmareMarch 23rd, 2022 461

Here I have gathered some tips about the game FINAL FANTASY XIV, and there might be one or more that you don't know, which maybe turns out to be a big help to you, take a minute and have a look.

About D2R Summoner Necromancer and How to Assign Your Skill Points as Summoner Necromancer Novice Players

AnsleyMarch 22nd, 2022 881

Necromancer class has gained popularity that can be comparable to the popularity of sorceress in D2R. We will talk about some aspects of summoner necromancer and share how to distribute its early game period skill points for novice players this time.

Lost Ark Pirate Coins: How to Farm Them Quickly

JessieMarch 18th, 2022 1861

Currencies in Lost Ark are very valuable types of Items that can be used to purchase, upgrade gear, etc. There are many kinds of currencies in the game. Except for the most commonly used ones, Lost Ark gold and silver, Pirate coins is also an important currency.

PoE Farming Guide: How to Farm a Headhunter

Nancy GMarch 18th, 2022 1423

Dear exiles, today MmoGah is going to teach you How to Farm a Headhunter every day of the week. However, this PoE guide needs you to play 12 hours in a single session at least, which is a little bit difficult. It deserves your time because the Headhunter is very valuable!

Comparing All Tanks in Final Fantasy XIV - Job Picking Guide

NightmareMarch 18th, 2022 960

If you are a beginner for Final Fantasy XIV or someone that wants to experiment by trying a tank role, you might be wondering which tank you should play. This article will compare the options and help you to pick.

LOST ARK - How Does Bard Play?

AnnaMarch 17th, 2022 1803

Bard is one of the three supports in lost ark. Playing bard well can help you farm more in-game Lost Ark Gold and rewards, so I think this is the most important role in the lost ark party system. She has great buffs and shield skills to save her allies. And she can increase the DPS and survivability of the team and has good mechanical skills and strategic thoughts. Besides, she can adjust strategies and various rates to control the flow of the fight.

Stamina Dragonknight PvE Build for ESO Ascending Tide

Michel ZMarch 17th, 2022 1341

Welcome to the Stamina Dragonknigh build for The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tide. This build is relatively easy to use, and it relies on strong poison DoT damage and Dragonknight's unique gameplay to defeat enemies. Your only concern should be keeping your potions and DoTs active.

Tips You Should Know When Starting Raiding in Final Fantasy XIV

NightmareMarch 16th, 2022 1218

Raids are the core of the endgame in Final Fantasy XIV, posing the greatest challenges and offering the strongest loots. This article will introduce some tips for raiding, which might save you from some unnecessary mistakes.

Lost Ark Skills – Counter Skill

JessieMarch 16th, 2022 2086

Amazon Lost Ark, which was developed by Smilegate, has many skills that will help players defeat bosses easier. The counter skills are one of the important skills, which is popular with Korea's players, but many western players don't know it.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Guide

Shirley HuangMarch 16th, 2022 1480

In Elden Ring, you can choose to play by yourself, or you can undertake the difficult challenges with your friends in Multiplayer Co-op mode.If you're new to FromSoftware's games, figuring out how to play Multiplayer can be a bit confusing. How do I invite a friend to my world? Which Elden Ring items do I need? What is a summoning pool?

Lost Ark Astray Ship Guide – How to Get It

PennyMarch 15th, 2022 4719

In Lost Ark, ships are designed for travel, and there are many kinds of them in the game. Astray Ship is considered one of the best and the fastest ones. Today we will show you how to get this ship.

Lost Ark Mechanics Guide: Counter, Stagger, Weak Point

AnnaMarch 14th, 2022 3884

Today we will introduce three mandatory nostalgia mechanics that you absolutely must understand if you want to be good at lost ark PvE. Because doing lost ark PvE well can help you get lots of Gold Lost Ark game and rewards. The lost ark mechanics I will feature in this article are the counter mechanic, the stagger check mechanics, stagger damage, and weak point damage.

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