WoW Dragonflight DPS Tier List - Melee & Ranged

By Danikhan2022-11-21

With the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft, many things have changed. Some new locations have been added to the game. Some of the in-game systems have gotten massive overhauls. However, a lot of players are not concerned about all those things.


With the updates that came with Dragonflight, several classes have gotten nerfed, and others have gotten some buffs. Most players are concerned about which classes have now become the better picks. To help you get up to speed with all the changes, here is our take on a complete tier list for DPS classes in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.




WoW Dragonflight Melee DPS Tier List




Windwalker Monk: It probably isn't a surprise for most players that the Windwalker ended up in the S-Tier. The Windwalker Monk has one of the highest AoE damage outputs in the game and decent single-target damage. Things like Passive Healing, Afterlife, Expel Harm, and Detox make the Windwalker great at survivability.


Enhancement Shaman: Unlike the Windwalker Monk's placement, this might be surprising for most people. Since the Enhancement Shaman got Nerfed recently with a significant damage output reduction, people didn't think the Enhancement Shaman would perform that well. However, the Enhancement Shaman still has some of the best damage outputs in the game and easily gets into the S-Tier.


Fury Warrior: Dealing over 100K damage with AoE using the Fury Warrior is like a walk in the park. Things like Defensive Stance, Rallying Cry, Spell Reflect, and Victory Rush make the Fury Warrior great at survivability. If you get decent gear with the Fury Warrior, you will do quite well in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. However, that might require a ton of gold. Fortunately, you always have the option to buy wow gold using real cash.




Arms Warrior: While the Arms Warrior may not have the most AoE damage output in the game, they do dish out consistent damage. The overall usability of the Arms Warrior is also on the easier side. On top of that, the Arms Warrior also has great single-target damage, utility, and survivability.


Unholy Death Knight: Just like all Death Knights, the Unholy Death Knight has insane survivability. On top of that, the Unholy Death Knight has one of the best utility kits in the game. One of the few things holding the Unholy Death Knight back from the S-Tier is its lacking single-target damage.


Havoc Demon Hunter: The Havoc Deamon Hunter has some of the highest AoE damage outputs in the game. Their single-target damage is also great. On top of that, they have survivability comparable to that of the Death Knights. They also have access to several abilities that give them healing.


Feral Druid: The Feral Druid is one of the tankiest DPS classes in the game and has great utility. While the Feral Druid can take a ton of damage, they don't inflict as much damage as other classes. However, the single-target and the AoE damage of the Feral Druid are decent.


Subtlety Rogue: This is one of the most well-rounded DPS classes in the game, with consistent single-target and AoE damage output. The Subtlety Rogue also has decent survivability and utility, which make it a solid pick for A-Tier DPS.




Frost Death Knight: The Frost Death Knight has one of the best survivability in the game and also has a decent utility. Some of the most impressive features of the Frost Death Knight include the Icebound Fortitude, the Death Strike, and the ability to get 20% more stamina.


Survival Hunter: The Survival Hunter is not one of the best options to choose for Melee DPS. They have poor survivability and can't take on a lot of damage before dying. The only reason the Survival Hunter is not in the C-Tier is that their utility is decent.


Retribution Paladin: The Retribution Paladin has some of the highest AoE damage in the game. However, single-target damage is not comparable to other classes, which is why the Retribution Paladin didn't make it to the A-Tier. On top of that, they only have things like the Judgment of Light and the Golden Path for survivability.




Assassination Rogue: This is probably another surprising placement in this list. A lot of people liked the Assassination Rogue. However, according to our testing, they are difficult to use, have low AoE damage, OK-ish single-target damage, and don't have consistent damage overall.


Outlaw Rogue: The Outlaw Rogue has decent single-target and AoE attacks after some recent buffs. The Outlaw Rogue also has 10% more stamina which is great for survivability. However, we have placed the Outlaw Rogue in the C-Tier because you are better off picking the Subtlety Rogue, which is a well-rounded class.


WoW Dragonflight Ranged DPS Tier List




Fire Mage: One of the best options for the ranged DPS class is the Fire Mage. The Fire Mage can inflict consistent single-target damage and also a lot of AoE damage. On top of that, the Fire Mage can take a ton of damage before dying and has great utility.


Affliction Warlock: The Affliction Warlock does some insane damage from AoE attacks. Affliction Warlock also has decent single-target damage, but not as much as the Fire Mage. Also, you might need to sacrifice a lot of the AoE damage to get decent single-target damage.




Balance Druid: The Balance Druid got Nerfed a ton because of its high AoE damage output. However, it still has some of the best AoE damage outputs in the game. Along with that, you can also get some great single-target buffs. If it wasn't for the nerfs, the Balance Druid was an easy S-Tier.


Frost Mage: It was a close battle between the Fire Mage and the Frost Mage. Frost Mage is almost as good as the Fire Mage, hitting consistent damage in both AoE and single-target attacks. The utility of the Forst Mage is arguably better than the Fire Mage. However, the damage profile of the Frost Mage is not as good as the Fire Mage.


Beast Master Hunter: The Beast Master Hunter is an all-around great class for ranged DPS. It is easy to play with and has a ton of utility. On top of that, the Beast Master Hunter can dish out consistent damage to single targets. The Beast Master Hunter is a solid A-Tier class.


Devastation Evoker: The Devastation Evoker is a new class to enter World of Warcraft. The Devastation Evoker also got some buffs recently to make it more powerful. The Devastation Evoker also has one of the best utility kits in the game, which is why we have placed it in the A-Tier.




Demonology Warlock: Since it is a Warlock class, it is incredibly tanky and can deal with a ton of damage. Along with that, Demonology Warlock also has some decent utility. However, the damage output is where the Demonology Warlock lacks.


Arcane Mage: Since Arcane is also a Mage like the Fire Mage and the Forst Mage, they have great utility and almost the same defense abilities as the Frost Mage and the Fire Mage. The Arcane Mage just feels less effective as compared to the other two.


Marksmanship Hunter: The Marksmanship Hunter is great at inflicting AoE damage with large AoE bursts. The utility of the Marksmanship Hunter is quite similar to the utility of the Beast Master Hunter. However, the main reason the Marksmanship Hunter is not ranked higher is because of the inconsistent damage.


Shadow Priest: The Shadow Priest is a great DPS class. The Shadow Priest recently got buffed and has decent AoE and single-target damage now. However, the buffs, sadly, weren't enough to push it into the A-Tier. You are better off choosing other classes.




Elemental Shaman: While we have placed the Elemental Shaman in the C-Tier, it is much better than the Destruction Warlock. The main drawback of the Elemental Shaman is the low single-target damage. The AoE damage is decent for the Elemental Shaman, and the utility is also decent. However, there are better options.


Destruction Warlock: Probably one of the least effective Warlocks in the game, Destruction Warlock has OK damage at best. The worst part is that the Destruction Warlock only became decent because of recent buffs and was quite worse before. While the Destruction Warlock can take a ton of damage before dying, there is a dire need for some buffs.


Final Thoughts

The tier list mentioned above has been developed after hours of testing. However, one thing you should take note of is that you won't be able to extract the most benefit out of certain classes if you aren't leveled up. Fortunately, you can purchase a World of Warcraft power leveling service that will level up your character without you having to do all the work on MMOGAH.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is always a possibility of World of Warcraft getting more updates. With those updates, some of the classes mentioned in this tier list may move up a rank, and some may move down.


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