Things You Should Do/Not Do Before WoW Dragonflight’s Launch

By zaryab2022-11-01

WoW 10.0 Patch: Dragonflight

The 9th World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, will be released on November 28, 2022. The game will include updates to the new Dragonflight mechanics in the weeks leading up to launch, and players will have the chance to test out their systems before diving into all-new content in the Dragon Isles. This article will provide a summary of everything that you need to do before the expansion actually launches.






Pre-purchase Dragonflight

You need to pre-purchase Dragonflight. This way, you will be able to create Dracthyr Evokers beginning on November 15th, Phase 2 of the pre-patch.


Evoker is the only Class that Dracthyr can be. The only race that can be an Evoker is Dracthyr, making this the first entirely original and covert Class/Race combination. The Evoker is a mid-range intelligent class with main wearing and two specializations: DPS and healing. The Dracthyr has two forms, a human-like Visage Form and a reptile Draconic Form, similar to Pandaran, who can choose to fight for the Horde or Alliance. Like earlier Hero classes, the Evokers begin at a high level (Level 58) and are limited to one Evoker in each realm.


Focus on Dragonflight Leveling

The majority of players' attention will be on items that last, with Dragonflight so close at hand, such as appearances and mounts that won't lose all of their value after two levels in the upcoming expansion. The four covenants that made up Shadowlands were the source of most transmog gear appearances. Make sure to pick up the appearances from each covenant that you want to wear as you level since you may now freely switch the anima currency between covenants using an item purchased from the seller next to the flying master in the capital city of Oribos. You can also read this quick Dragonflight leveling guide to help with the process.


Gear Your Characters Up

In World of Warcraft, getting gear is almost the most part, if not all, that makes the game's tasks more manageable. This is especially the case when starting a new expansion, as while the initial quests may provide you with gear, getting there without the right gear can be extremely difficult. Upgrading your characters becomes easier when you get enough WoW Gold in your pocket, which you can use to buy several useful items.


As soon as you reach your maximum level, start participating in LFR raids, dungeons, and the pre-patch event to prepare yourself for a more straightforward transition into Dragonflight.


Fated Raids Mount

For Season 4, every raid from the Shadowlands was scaled up, put on a weekly time plan, and offered better gear and additional accomplishments. This week, all three raids will always be available on the Fated difficulty, making it a little more straightforward for you to finish some of the achievements or gear-hunting you've been working on. You can obtain the Jigglesworth Sr. slime cat ground mount by defeating every boss in each raid (Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Sepulcher of the First Ones) on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulties. If you defeat them on Heroic, you will also receive the Hero of Fate title; if you defeat them on Mythic, you will receive portals to the raid sites. Make sure you capitalize on every boss battle.


Level Up Alts & Your Main

Leveling up is one of the best things to do before the release of Dragonflight to get things going. Getting your characters up to speed is worthwhile whether you're a veteran player who has been finishing your dungeons and raids and is seeking to gain some side alts or if you're a new or returning player.


Currently, leveling is among the simplest it has ever been, especially when you take the Winds of Wisdom bonus into account. Although this ease of leveling might not last for long, it is well worth completing all your leveling now, so you won't have to wait until Dragonflight arrives.


Get Familiarize With New Talent Tree and Class System

A return to the Talent Tree paradigm is one of Dragonflight's Systems characteristics. Every specialization is meant to be both deepened and broadened by these new Talent Trees. Characters will start with only a few baseline abilities and expand on them by choosing from the existing baseline abilities, the current talents, and new skills and enhancements rather than selecting an upgrade or ability every few levels. Each character will need to fill out two talent trees: one for their class and one for their specialty. Each character will have 31 points to spend in their class tree and 30 points to spend in their specialty tree when they reach level 70, their maximum level. Players may adapt their Talent Trees for varied content thanks to the ability to save and switch Talent Tree builds on the fly.




Don't Kill Bosses Below Mythic Difficulty

When Dragonflight is released, several awards will be more difficult to obtain. The guaranteed drop rate of Mythic mounts has decreased to 1% due to the modification. As a result, during the pre-patch, you should defeat the bosses on Mythic difficulty.


Don't Leave Your Achievements

A new expansion is on the way, which means some of the milestones from the previous expansion will either be gone entirely or harder to complete. There are several achievements to complete in Shadowlands, specifically before the release of Dragonflight, especially since they won't be available any longer. Many of these achievements will come with mounts and additional incentives like titles. Make sure you don't leave them incomplete.


Final Words

The upcoming World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion will feature a staggering quantity of brand-new content and updates to existing material. November 28th may see the release of the latest patch. Players who haven't finished everything they wanted to in the Shadowlands expansion or those who are looking ahead and want to get ready for when the Dragonflight of Azeroth returns to the Dragon Isles have a limited amount of time left. This month is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of Shadowlands' content while considering Azeroth's future.

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