Solo Gold Farming Guide in WoW Dragonflight 10.2

By Penny2023-12-14

Gold is the king in the land of Azeroth. Players need gold nonstop to unlock features and enjoy the new expansion Guardians of the Dream more. How to make the most in the shortest period of time? Thraun Gaming gave his own answer on his YouTube channel – farming items in raids and selling them for money. You can use his method to do solo farming by using almost any of your level 70 characters, which is rewarding. Without any further ado, let’s dive in.




Recommended Items – What We Can Farm

The location where we farm items is the final raid instance of Shadowlands - Sepulcher of the First Ones. We need to get some of the different BoEs that can drop from some trash mobs inside of the raid. Some recommended items are:


Leather Armor - Hood of Empty Eternities (head) and Subversive Lord's Leggings (leg) from the Rogue sets

Plate Armor - Pauldrons of Possible Afterlives (shoulder) and Gauntlets of the End (hands) from the Warrior sets


We can do it on a leather character first to get the Rogue items and then on the player character to get the Plate armor. Another thing you need to note is that these different items will have different colors depending on the difficulty you're doing it on, which means you can farm them in all four difficulties to get more of them.


Sale Rate

Hood of Empty Eternities (head) Region Sale Rate: 0.023

Subversive Lord's Leggings (leg) Region Sale Rate: 0.008

Pauldrons of Possible Afterlives (shoulder) Region Sale Rate: 0.024

Gauntlets of the End (hands) Region Sale Rate: 0.011


Gold Value

Thraun Gaming took the Leather armor, Hood of Empty Eternities, as an example to show how much gold you can sell these items for. At the time when he was making the video, on North American realms, there were two available for an average of 585,000 gold on LFR difficulty, nine available for 1.6 million on Normal difficulty, three available for 400,000 gold on Heroic difficulty, and eight available for an average of 84 7,000 gold on Mythic difficulty. As you can see, there is not a lot of competition, and the fact is that these items are also in demand, so you can sell them very fast and make tons of money.


Main Requirement

To do this solo farming, you need a level 70 character with a good item level and also a good ability to heal yourself, or your character plays the Tank role, which is useful, especially when you fight the first boss.



First, enter the raid Sepulcher of the First Ones. What you need to do is kill all the different waves of mobs, and then take the orb they dropped to the center and click on the icon, which can damage the first boss. You have to do it three times before you encounter the boss. If you are struggling with killing the first boss, you can find a friend who can help you.


After killing the boss, enter the room and kill all the different trash mobs, which can drop different BoEs, so make sure to kill them all. Afterward, it will lead you to a portal, which will take you to Ephemeral Plains. Here, you also need to kill many trash mods. If you have a high item level, try to kill as many as possible at the same time. Then, go inside the next room and kill all the different mobs there, which is not too difficult. Remember not to stay in the middle of the room because this is where the boss is going to spawn. When the boss is spawning, make sure to pull him in and then go outside of the room, and it will reset all your main cooldowns.


After you're done, make your way back to the portal and go to Genesis Cradle. Here, you also need to kill all the different mobs around. You will find that sometimes, some mobs are spawning again and again, but there is no need to kill them because they won't drop anything.


One Tip

One extra tip is that you can try to transfer these items to high-popularity realms to sell. Because if you're playing on a low-popularity realm, it's going to take a lot of time for you to actually get any sales.

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