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WoW TBC Classic: Paladin Gold Farming Guide

Gold is essential in WoW TBC Classic as it can give players an advantage in almost every aspect of the game. Whether they are raiding or leveling up, WoW TBC Classic gold can make it easier for them, so they are eager to fill their pockets. To make more TBC Classic gold in the game, Paladin is one of the best classes to choose! It is the new king of farming gold in TBC Classic. Here MmoGah would like to share some tips with you about Paladin Gold Farming.


300 Gold Per Hour Farming in Stratholme

I've farmed 300 gold per hour in-game, including the blue items that I got. After 30 straight runs of rendering absolutely everything, I can safely say that each run was worth about 45 gold, and it took me only 9 minutes, which meant that I would get locked about 15 minutes every hour, lowering the real life time to 225 gold per hour.


tbc classic paladin-1


I've run 6 hours and gotten a total of 66 blue items, which were disenchanted into 66 Large Brilliant Shards. They were sold really fast, and each one can be sold for 6 gold in the EU realm, and that minus 1.5 gold is 4.5 gold. Based on the math, I can get 297 gold, and if you divided it by 6 hours, 49.5 extra gold per hour then.


tbc classic paladin-2



I've gotten Crossblade myself, and many Epics can drop here, which can be sold for some Classic TBC gold. I've looted 34 bottles of Major Mana Potion within 6 hours, and each one can be sold for 1 gold in Ashbringer, but I would like to keep them being used in raids and dungeons.


tbc classic paladin-3


Gear, Talents, and Consumables

You can get WoW Classic TBC gold easily once you get better gear as a Protection Paladin. Anyone could follow with gear from normal dungeons, quests, and non-exalted reputations.


I prefer a pure Avoidance Shield to Petrified Lichen Guard. The Avoidance Shield needs the Figurine of the Colossus Trinket as you need to heal and extend the kill phase. It also needs Wrath of Cenarius Ring as 132 spell damage is too big to pass on, which helps you kill the exploding Cadavers really quickly. When all the mobs reach level 60, they have nearly 300 spell damage completely unbuffed to make sure the mobs die.


As for talents, any protection-based spec will do just fine, but I feel that Sanctity Aura is simply superior to anything. The best spec is solely for farming gold in Stratholme, which focuses on all the defensive talents you can get. Once you have better gear, you can swap out Combat Expertise to One-Handed Specialization, but I would like to keep Holy Shield which is helpful to finish the last mob.


tbc classic paladin-4


As for consumables, nothing is required, but I definitely advise bringing Superior Wizard Oil as it costs only 5 gold, lasts for 5 hours, and lasts through death. I recommend bringing Greater Arcane Elixir once you're not dying anymore as it is very cheap at 1 to 2 gold each and lasts for an hour.


If one of your professions is Engineering, and Dense Dynamite is not an AoE cap, it will do a lot of damage. You can cast it while the Colossus Trinket is going up, as you can instantly heal the damage. However, I don't want to use it as not everyone is an engineer. Field Repair Bots are definitely not worth it as you reach the lock-out state.


tbc classic paladin-5


Top View Map

It is time for the quick top view of the run. There are different paths to run depending on where Hearthstinger is forced and spawned. If you want to get the rare skull for the blue items, you should take the time to learn the routes. Although nothing is better than experience, my advice is to practice the pull without any rare items when you feel more comfortable.


Pull & Kill

The pull starts up by making sure Sanctity Aura is selected, and your Righteous Fury is going up, and the weapon is lubricated with the oil. For most of the run, you can use Blessing of Sanctuary, Rotation with freedom and protection whenever needed.


At this point, the mobs will socially aggro everything else. You can just run to the corner, judge wisdom on the patchwork, and keep merely hitting. Put Seal of Wisdom back up, start spamming consecration, and position yourself with your back against the corner, so mobs are always in front of you.


tbc classic paladin-6


Don't be scared and let yourself get 15 to 20 health points before you pop your trinkets, which can heal you back. If you're an engineer, you can use Dense Dynamite to produce damage. After 20 seconds, the Colossus Trinket will end, and all you need to do is use Seal of Light and keep hitting that same patchwork while using consecration on cooldown, and eventually, you'll decrease to 15 or 20 health points again.


There are many different ways to kill these mobs, especially if you have better gear, but I think this is the safest and most reliable way. With this kind of minimum required gear, make your way to the next pull and avoid pulling these mobs by hugging the walls. Otherwise, you'll take too much damage.


The above content is quoted from a player Tedj's video.



Lastly, if you want to learn more TBC guides or tips, pay attention to our site:, which can provide you with fast & cheap WoW Classic TBC gold and TBC Classic power leveling services.



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