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Guide to WoW Classic TBC Professions: Part One

Welcome to my WoW Classic TBC Profession Guide: Best Professions, Ranking and Leveling. This Profession guide is massive, so I will divide them into two parts. Today I am going to talk about part one: The Secondary Professions and some best Primary Professions (Mining, Blacksmithing, and Jewelcrafting). All the content of this article is quoted from a real player - Toyhouze's video.




There are 3 Secondary Professions and 10 Primary Professions. You can only have two Primary Professions, and there are no limits to how many Secondary Professions you can have. TBC will bring some welcome changes depending on what professions you chose, and some benefits are exclusive to you.


wow classic tbc professions-1


Let's talk about the Secondary Professions first, because they are the most straightforward.


First Aid

It is available for all players in TBC classic. For players who don't have healing spells or who aren't undertaking Alchemy as a profession, the Bandages, like Heavy Netherweave Bandage, created by First Aid, are the best ways to heal themselves in battle or while they are out in the wild without food. First Aid is a worthwhile skill for everyone to own due to it needs a fairly small number of materials to level up.



Fishing is one of the most time-consuming but rewarding professions in TBC Classic. It's pretty awesome, and there is a lot of fun & flavor in TBC.


As a master fisherman, you can earn or catch a lot of rare companion pets, like magical crawdad and toothy, and you'll be able to catch fishes that are used in Cooking.


You can fish up gems gear, and Fishing also provides reagents for other professions, like Alchemy, so this chart will show you how many fishing skills you need to cast in certain zones and what skill you need to prevent the annoying fish from getting away.



Cooking is the most known for the well-fed buffs, which increases your stats based on whatever food you ate. The benefits are myriad, and there is the potential to make profits by selling rare food on the Auction House.


Cooking has helpful recipes to help you while you are leveling up at the end of the game. It provides amazing raid buffs. I know the Smoked Sagefish is amazing. It gives you a mana per five while you are leveling up. It is also brain food, and when you eat it, you can get health and mana, so it's a nice one for leveling up.


We're going to start talking about the Primary Professions. Remember, we can only have two of these professions, so your choice is important.



Mining is one of the most essential Gathering Professions in wow classic TBC. It involves extracting ore from mineral nodes throughout the zones, and it provides reagents for Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting. You can make use of the miner's basic ability to find minerals. It shows node spawns on your mini-map.


wow classic tbc professions-2


Mining is hugely popular, and it can certainly be a big classic TBC gold maker in TBC. It provides to multiple professions, so Mining can be profitable by selling stacks of ore or smelting bars, so in TBC, it's important to know which is more valuable. Jewelcrafting prospecting destroys ore to find gems, so definitely take a look at your prices to know before you sell the bars or the ore.


Mining is a great profession for any class, so once you're in outland, competition for Veins is going to become much tougher. Zones and flying mounts will decrease at the same time. It takes you to farm routes and reaches the nodes. I laid out some routes for you that are pretty popular. Fel Iron can be found by making circuits in any zone, but the two most advisable zones are Hellfire Peninsula and Tarot Card Forest. Hellfire is useful because it has the highest number of node spawns, and Tarot Card Forest is especially worthwhile for wow classic power leveling because you can quickly move to Negreanu to start collecting Adamantite. Now Adamantite is rarer than Fel Iron and will be the last mineral you'll need to gather.



There are quite a lot of changes to Blacksmithing in TBC. Blacksmithing is basically the craft of allowing players to create their own plate armors as well as two-handed Axes and Maces, and two-handed swords. In Vanilla, Blacksmiths are able to craft a number of high-value endgame recipes.


wow classic tbc professions-3


Blizzard has really expanded on that in TBC your range of gear that you can create much bigger, so Blacksmithing has huge potential, and it also has a huge price tag, especially if you choose to buy all your materials on the Auction House, so the combination of Blacksmithing and Mining is suitable for most wow TBC classes that wear plate and mail armor regardless of spec, and it's especially beneficial for tanks and melees DPS.



Jewelcrafting is one of my absolute favorite professions. Once you reach outland to train master Jewelcrafting, your trainers are going to be in your faction's first town. There are a number of neutral trainers available.


wow classic tbc professions-4


Jewelcrafting is a new profession in TBC. You know it's a new addition, and it involves cutting gems to put them into gear or using them to craft rings, necklaces, and trinkets in order to find these gems. Jewelcrafters need to use their main skill - prospecting on any ore which destroys it in the process in order to search for these gems. If you want to level up from 1-375 quickly, you can check this Jewelcrafting guide to learn more.



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