Season of Discovery Phase 2 Tier List Guide: DPS, Tank, and Healer Rankings

By Shirley Huang2024-01-09

Good News! WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 will be released on Feb 8. It brings some new content, including the level cap will rise from 25 to 40, a revamped Gnomeregan raid dungeon, Stranglethorn Vale PvP event, new runes, abilities, and more!


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Phase 2 will also bring new challenges and opportunities for different classes and specs. Based on the community discussion and analysis, DPS, Tank, and Healer tier lists are very important for Phase 2 performance in both PvE and PvP. Here is a summary of tier lists for level 40 characters.


DPS Tier List

Hunter, Rogue, and Warrior are the top DPS classes in Phase 2, thanks to their scaling, burst damage, and utility. Elemental Shaman, Warlock, and Retribution Paladin are also strong contenders, with impressive damage and cooldowns. Mage, Shadow Priest, and Balance Druid are decent but not outstanding, with moderate damage and survivability.


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Hunter stands out for their excellent scaling, powerful AoE with new shots like Volley, and pets that act as mini-tanks​​.


Rogue excels in both PvE and PvP with abilities like Kidney Shot and Rupture/Expose Armor and high damage potential with Fan of Knives and Blade Flurry​​​​.


sod phase 2 tier-3

Warrior shows prowess in cleave situations with talents like Weapon skill and sweeping strikes, and reduced rage starvation, improving uptime​​​​.


Warlock (S-Tier for PvE, B-Tier for PvP) shines in caster damage and AoE situations, with talents boosting direct damage spells and improved mana management​​.



Elemental Shaman shows improved damage potential and reduced cast times with talents like Elemental Focus but remains mana-dependent​​​​.


DPS Warlock has immense single-target damage potential and phenomenal utility, making them valuable in raids despite lower damage compared to top classes​​.


Retribution Paladin excels at single target DPS and has the best AoE damage but faces challenges in PvP​​.



Feral Druid is valued for their strong single-target damage and utility, providing important raid buffs and performing well in PvE​​​​.


Fire Mage is known for outstanding AoE damage and is surprisingly good at healing, with scaling advantages from talents like Impact and Improved Scorch​​.


sod phase 2 tier-4

Balance Druid benefits from Moonkin form, Eclipse procs, and new Starfire/Starsurge scaling but remains efficient rather than dominant​​​​.



Arcane Mage: While strong in burst phases, Arcane Mage faces scaling issues and mana-gating constraints, making him less effective overall​​​​.


Shadow Priest offers good utility but suffers from extensive mana issues and weak AoE, making him less effective in both PvE and PvP​​.



Frost Mage lags behind in damage pacing, with talents focusing more on survivability and utility than outright damage output​​.


Enhancement Shaman poses a larger threat with improved abilities but struggles with mana issues and low weapon options​​.


Tank Tier List

Warrior is the undisputed best tank in Phase 2, with high threat generation, damage mitigation, and cooldowns. Protection Paladin is also viable, with good AoE threat, healing, and utility. Feral Druid is the worst tank, with low threat, Armor, and cooldowns.


Healer Tier List

Holy Priest is the best healer in Phase 2, with high healing output, mana efficiency, and utility. Restoration Druid is also excellent, with strong HoTs, mobility, and survivability. Holy Paladin is good, but not great, with decent healing, mana, and buffs. Restoration Shaman is the worst healers, with low healing, mana, and utility.


Keep in mind that individual player skills and specific in-game scenarios can influence these rankings. Phase 2 will start soon, so you can get ready and invest it beforehand. WoW Season of Discovery gold is also highly sought-after in Phase 2; you can make it or buy it as soon as the new phase launches.




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