How Do You Prepare for WOTLK Classic

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Wrath of the Lich King will release soon. Players can't wait to fight mobs and bosses in Northrend. So do you know what to prepare during the waiting time until WOTLK is released? Here we will give some suggestions.


Choose your class to start


Firstly you need to choose the class you want to level to 80. The new class Death Kingnight will be most of the player's choice, so we don't recommend it here. We recommend Paladin because with duel spec Paladin can both tank and heal. It will more easy to find a party for dungeons. The priest is a good choice too. WLK increased the shadow priest's output damage. Also, the priest has strong AOE skills and mana/health recovery, so it's necessary to have a priest in the raid. We recommend Druid too. Druid can do a pretty good DPS, be tank by a bear, and heal by the tree. Of course, the most important is choosing your favorite class.


Choose your profession


In Wotlk, almost all professions have their bonus. So choosing your profession is important too. If you plan to level up a Death Kingnight or an Alt, you can stock some materials now because now the price of materials should be the cheapest, so once Wotlk is released, you can level up profession fast and save tons of golds.


Farm your Honor to 7,5000


From 60-70 experiences, we can see Blizzard will not remove the Honor so that we can get the Honor to 75000, and once WOTLK is released, we can use it to buy battle gears. It will help a lot too.


Farm items and Burning Crusade Attunement Titles


Once Wotlk is released, Kel'Thuzad will move the Naxxramas to The Great Dragonblight. Become the first raid dungeon we need to fight in Northrend. And the Naxxramas in Eastern Plaguelands will be Disappeared. So both Corrupted Ashbringer, Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, and other items dropped from Naxxramas will never be acquirable once Wotlk is released. If you are interested, This is the last opportunity to get it.


Corrupted Ashbringer, Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian


Same as Amani War Bear. Will be removed from Zul'Aman. Hurry up to raid and obtain it if you want to collect it.


Amani War Bear


Lastly, some Burning crusade attunement titles will not be available in Wotlk. For example, the Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru. If you want to get them, complete them before Wotlk is released.


To get T6 set stats


The T6 set stats will be much more powerful than 4 pieces of 200-item level blues. It will help you kill mobs more easily and level fast.


Invest materials for Wotlk


The Inscription is a new profession in Wotlk. To level it up will need lots of herbs. So we can stock some classic herbs and TBC herbs. When Wotlk is released, many people want to level Inscription up, and those herbs will be more expensive. We can sell those herbs to earn wow gold at that time.


Prepare gold for Wrath of the Lich King


MmoGah is the most trustworthy digital game goods store. Here you can buy safe wotlk classic gold easily with low prices and fast delivery.


Wotlk will need a large amount of gold. So preparing enough gold is necessary. Once get into Northrend, Players can learn Duel spec, which allows you to have two different talent trees. And you can swap between them anytime. It will cost 1000G.


Duel Spec


Once you get to level 77 and you can learn Cold weather flying. Cold weather flying will allow you to fly in Notenrend. It will cost 1000G.


Cold weather flying


In Dalaran, you can buy a new mount. The price of the mount will be almost 20k gold. On the mount, there are two vendors. One of the vendors sells food and water, and another sells reagents and allows you to repair gears. Also, you will be able to have two friends on your mount.




In Dalaran you can also buy an expensive ring, it costs about 8000 gold. The price seems high, but it is definitely worth it. The stats are good, and you can teleport to Dalaran every 30 minutes.


Ring of Kirin Tor


The mentioned are what you need to prepare during the waiting of Wotlk. If you lack gold, don't forget to complete daily quests in Isle of Quel'Danas every day, It rewards a good amount of gold. Also, MmoGah is always selling cheap and fast gold. If you are bored with farming, it's another good choice too.


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