Best Grind Spots for Leveling in WoW Classic WotLK

By Richard Kayode
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The tale in the World of Warcraft expansion - WotLK Classic is compelling. The Horde and Alliance forces are already attacking the Scourge fortresses around Northrend. It is time to support these gallant soldiers in their battle against the Lich King's armies.


It can be difficult and time-consuming to level up your character rapidly enough to begin the conflict with Arthas' hordes. The leveling mechanism is just one of many modifications made to the game in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. There are a few differences from earlier expansions.


First, various tasks and elite enemies have been updated and made more straightforward to fight. To level up to levels 60-70, players will need fewer experience points (XP), and they can also gain experience by taking part in Battleground PVP.


Instead of 40 and 60, riding abilities are now available at levels 20 and 40, costing nearly half the amount they did before. Level 80 characters can now purchase some heirloom items, notably those that boost the pace at which they receive XP. 


In WotLK, there are three primary methods for efficiently leveling up your character. If you are tired of doing them, you can buy WotLK boost from a third party.



Although some classes are more suited for questing than others, and it can be easy to become sidetracked, questing can be a very effective way to level. Quests, on the other hand, allow you to level up while engaging in other activities like PvP and some Professions, which can be fun and prepare you for playing at Level 80.


The most popular method of leveling is by questing. The less downtime you have, the better because you can always play whenever you want, and if you quest alone, you are not dependent on anybody else.


Combat, recovery, and travel time comprise your questing time's three main categories. The time spent killing opponents is referred to as combat, the downtime spent between killing foes is referred to as recovery, and the time spent moving between objectives or zones is referred to as travel. Many people concentrate only on battle time optimization.



In Wrath Classic, dungeon leveling is one of the quickest methods of leveling up. If you choose that route for your character, you will miss out on some intriguing plotlines and miss out on the chance to level up in your profession and gain worthwhile experience.


Additionally, dungeon leveling could take much longer if your class cannot play as a tank or a healer. Because you have to continuously battle the same pool of dungeons, dungeon leveling is far more monotonous than questing.


If you stick to the dungeon leveling plan, the most crucial factor will be minimizing your downtime in between dungeons.


The ideal situation would be to get a group of five individuals committed to playing with you from level 70 to level 80. If not, you will waste much time looking for a group without any assurance that the people you discover will be competent, particularly if you are a damage hitter. 


Additionally, there is no assurance that the group will remain intact after one or two runs, even if you can assemble a party of competent players. You should do your best during dungeon levels to know every encounter's dynamics by heart and be able to maximize your gear and specification. Since it requires teamwork, it is best to be friendly and encouraging; nobody wants a bad teammate.



If you're one of the players who dislike questing or don't want to engage with the game's narrative or even other players that much, then Grinding is absolutely for you.  If you just want to bash the crap out of enemies while collecting valuable XP points and WoW Classic WotLK gold, and some other items as well, and all the while steadily progressing up, get grinding.


However, if you want to grind efficiently, you need to know the best locations in Northrend for grinding that have the potential to generate the most XP per hour. This choice is only for some, and some may find it boring. If your class cannot deal much AoE damage, you can grind enemies in a group of two, but remember that having more players in your group will significantly lower your rate of XP earning.


Grinding is best suited for classes with considerable AoE. Because prime grinding areas are frequently used as camping grounds for world-PvP players or as destinations for daily quests, there may be enemies, so you have to be on the lookout. 


Some of the top grinding locations in WotLK are listed below:


Forlorn Mine

The Brunnhildar Village and the Sifreldar Village to the west are connected by the Forlorn Mine, found in the southern part of Storm Peaks.


Wlk Spots-1


There are many enemies to grind from in the Forlorn Mine; they are typically non-hostile yellow Vrykul miners. Although they don't usually yield much XP per hour, this is a fantastic place to grind and stack up the XP, even though it takes a long time because there's no danger of getting hurt by the opponents.


Another notable figure in the mine is Lok'lira the Crone, who, once you assist her in recovering her runes, grants you an illusion that enables you to move throughout the mine and Brunnhildar Village without being assaulted by locals right away.



Players want to grind in this area because it is so well-liked by them. It can be found Northwest of Naxxramas on the game map. There are many Onslaught Basecamps here, and there are a lot of creatures that may give you a lot of XP. You can grind your way through a whole level here.


Wlk Spots-2


Rogues, Unholy Dark Knights, and other classes with strong AoE are perfect for this area because they have no downtime, so you can keep attacking the mobs. However, you should be aware that they will offer resistance and throw dirt in your eyes, which lowers your hit chance by about 30%.


Dragon graves can be found in Northrend in The Great Dragonblight. The enigmatic Wyrmrest Temple is located in the south, and the western entrance to the Nerubian realm of Azjol-Nerub can be found there.


Along with the abandoned Taunka'le city of Icemist Town and the Nerubian conclave of Sundered Monolith, this area is also home to the magnataur village of Bloodmar. The earliest humans to contract the Plague lived in the Dragonblight as well.


Wintergarde Mausoleum

This location is also in Dragonblight, just outside of the Wintergarde Keep, there are two main entrances to it, and either one works fine. Here, be sure not to be distracted by mobs veering away from the tunnels, as those don't offer much XP.


Wlk Spots-3


When you get to the tunnels, you find many high-value mobs that are also continuously spawning; that way, you can amass a lot of XP in a relatively short time. The enemies here present some adversary that you can, however, easily maneuver.


Another excellent area for massive AoE classes, Frost Mages and Paladins will really enjoy themselves here. It is essential to distinguish between the Wintergarde Mausoleum and the Wintergarde Crypt.


Legend has it that humankind dug the tomb out of the ground beneath Wintergarde Village. The Alliance soldiers are here under the command of Ambo Cash, and the current guardians of Wintergarde were unaware of this mausoleum beneath the old settlement, which was the target of Naxxramas' mages.


Thor Modan

This location can be found in grizzly hills. Compared to the mausoleum, the mobs do not spawn continuously but can yield relatively high XPs. Also, the humanoids here drop a lot of gold and other valuable items you can pick up.


Wlk Spots-4


Here you can quickly go around and kill off the iron dwarves, go outside the Thor Modan and grind on some mobs, then return once the groups inside have respawned and grind off them again. Rinse and repeat. 


The Northrend region's Grizzly Hills are home to the abandoned dwarven city of Thor Modan. The majority of Thor Modan's main chamber is in ruins. It was once the ancient home of the iron dwarves, and its architecture is comparable to that of the Alliance dwarven city of Ironforge. 


A group of nature giants is continually attacking the region with enormous boulders and whole trees that have been uprooted, while iron dwarves are working tirelessly to repair the damage they have caused.


Borean Tundra 

The Tuskarr and blue dragons live in the Borean Tundra, which is on the far southwest corner of Northrend. The Winterfin murlocs use these clams, which can be found across Glimmer Bay in the Borean Tundra, as currency. 


Wlk Spots-5


You can find a lot of monsters to grind here. Winterfin Warrior, Winterfin Oracle, and Winterfin Shorestriker are the murlocs that drop these clams in the Borean Tundra.


The Siren's tear, which sells for a significant amount of gold in the auction market, or on platforms like MmoGah, can be purchased with these clams. The Ahlurglgr in the Borean Tundra sells the Siren's Tear for 100 Winterfin Clam.


Ice Crown

Currently, one of the highest-leveled zones in WotLK is Icecrown. The Lich King and Icecrown Citadel both reside in Icecrown. Beyond the shadow vault, it is to the west.


Expect the mobs here to hit rather hard because there are a lot of dueling groups; some are even level 80. Get as many as you can, wait for them to respawn, and carry on. However, each one you tag can produce up to 1000 XP points, making it a moderate risk, high return situation.


The Fleshwerks, located in Icecrown, have the most high-yielding mobs, which are risen soldiers. These often drop large amounts of silver in addition to lots of XP, and even more interesting, and they usually have a minimum health level, so you expend little energy while you grind.



Grinding may not be the most fun and fastest way of leveling up a character, but if you can put in the time in the best grind spots, as mentioned above, while mindlessly bashing up mobs in the process, it can get the job done, although the rate will depend on your level and of course your class.



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