PoE Builds 3.23: Cyclone of Tumult Slayer Build

By Nancy G2023-12-20

Dear exiles, I will share the Cyclone of Tumult Slayer Build with you today.


Important Notes

Cyclone of Tumult is the new transfigured version of the Cyclone skill. It grants 33% more damage and 40% more Area of Effect, but it makes you a lot slower.


With The Stampede boots, we can remove this downside and have a super powerful Cyclone. Don't forget to keep your regular Cyclone until you get those unique boots.


We get stun immunity on this build with the new Wildwood Primalist Ascendancy. It would help if you got a charm with "cannot be stunned while fortified". It is cheap and easy to get, but don't forget to do it because stun immunity is important on Cyclone builds.





White Maps: mandatory items estimated to cost about 90 Chaos Orbs.

Yellow Maps: about 150c.

Complete Atlas: about 900c.


Item Mods

Physical Damage

Melee Damage

Area Damage

Attack Speed

Critical Multiplier



Elemental Resistances



Mandatory Uniques

The Stampede

These boots are super important for this build because they always cause your base movement speed to be 150%. Because of the Cyclone of Tumult has no downside at all.


These boots can also be anointed by cassia. I recommend you get Cruel Preparation to compensate for the lack of life and elemental resistances.  


Another possibility is to get Kinetic impacts if, instead of more life, you want more damage.


Recommended Uniques


Kondo's Pride

Starkonja's Head

Rat's Nest

Carcass Jack

Belly of the Beast




Rare Helmet

Sol Crown Lion Pelt: needs nearby enemies to take 10% increased physical damage, some life, and some evasion mods.


Rare Body Amour

Honour Keep Assassin's Garb: needs evasion, attacks have +##% to critical strike chance, and a lot of life mods.


Rare Ring

Dread Band Coral Ring: needs some life, some resistances, and channeling skills have –X to total cost mods. When you have more Path of Exile currencies, you can replace your Praxis with one of these.


Rare Gloves

Wrath Fingers Slink Gloves: need some life and elemental resistances mods.


Recommended Flasks

Divine Life Flask

Diamond Flask

Basalt Flask

Jade Flask

Lion's Roar





Cyclone of Tumult - Brutality - Infused Channelling - Melee Physical Damage - Pulverise - Close Combat



Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems - Maim - Culling Strike -Blood Rage



Dread Banner - Leap Slam - Berserk - Assassin's Mark



Vaal Grace - Vaal Haste - Molten Shell - Increased Duration



Pride - Blood and Sand - Determination - Summon Ice Golem




Jewels Mods

Physical Damage

Melee Damage

Area Damage

Attack Speed

Critical Multiplier

Maximum Life


Watcher's Eye

Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel: needs X% increased attack damage while using Pride.



Skill Tree


Cyclone of Tumult Slayer build skill tree 




Cyclone of Tumult Slayer ascendancy 1 

Cyclone of Tumult Slayer ascendancy 2



Major God: Brine

Minor God: Shakari





From 1 to 12, use Ground Slam.

Then, use Sunder until level 28.

Then, you can already use Cyclone.


Main Skills

● Reaching level 8, you can also support your Ground Slam with Maim and Added Fire Damage.

● Reaching level 12, replace Ground Slam with Sunder.

● Reaching level 16, activate Herald of Purity and Summon Skitterbots for more damage.

● Reaching level 18, replace Added Fire Damage with Melee Physical Damage.

● Reaching level 28, replace Sunder with Cyclone. Also, replace Ruthless with Infused Channeling. It's also a good time to equip your Edge of Madness.

● Reaching level 31, replace Maim with Pulverise.

● Reaching level 44, equip the unique sword Rigwald's Charge. Now, you can start using the main Cyclone setup.

● Also, at level 44, replace Skitterbots with Blood and Sand. Also, add Dread Banner.

● Reaching level 63, equip The Stampede boots, and you can already start using the Cyclone of Tumult skill. If you don't have The Stampede boots yet, you need to keep using the regular Cyclone skill until you get them.

● Reaching level 69, replace Herald of Purity with Determination. Also, add Pride.


Leveling Items

Tabula Rasa

Lochtonial Caress







Edge of Madness

Rigwald's Charge



Here is the ending of Daniel's Cyclone of Tumult Slayer Build. Please stay tuned on MmoGah to get more useful PoE builds.

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