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It was revealed earlier this year, in 2023, that Amazon's MMORPG New World will shift to a seasonal model starting in March. 


As New World formally adopts the seasonal model favored by many other franchises, the news has been welcomed with great excitement among gaming fans. After the previous success of the Brimstone Sands Update's previous success, this seemed to be the next course of action.


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The game developers say switching to seasons would result in more frequent material such as new gaming experiences, features, and a season pass with distinct free and premium reward tracks. There will be hundreds of accessible reward tiers for fresh skins, gear, emote, and other seasonal items on each reward track.


The overall storyline for New World is straightforward. In the game, you get to travel through the wilderness and ruin-filled island of Aeternum while collaborating with other players to create strong companies of craftsmen, soldiers, and strategists.


Claim and govern territory to guide colony growth and battle to survive against hostile raids, the harsh environment, and an evil that is arising, all the while gathering and forging materials, thousands of items, including lethal weapons and mystical elixirs, as well as extensive fortifications. Platforms like MmoGah also provide a space to trade game items.


With the latest development, every season will have a distinctive storyline, challenges, and seasonal events. Every season is planned to last roughly three months, so after you have finished the current Meta, you immediately have a new date to look forward to. Later this year, Amazon will publish a schedule of what will be covered in upcoming seasons.


Fellowship & Fire is the title of the first season, which will offer lots of new exciting features and things to do, including:

Season Pass

While the Season Pass does not bring any new content, it does provide players with new opportunities to win valuable rewards simply by playing New World. A free and premium reward track will be included in the seasonal battle pass for New World. 


By completing several objectives via the game's Season Journey, players can win cosmetics and boost tokens that will boost the rate at which a player gets weapon XP or boost trade abilities, gear, and more through the season pass.


Players can also gain season XP by accomplishing tasks like quests, faction missions, expeditions, and PvP fights.

All players can earn a range of valuable rewards from The Free Track, which is free, including new skins, pets, Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, seasonal weapons, protective gear, Gypsum Orbs, Umbral Shards, etc.


The Scarlet Wing Armour skin set and the additional gear set slot at level 100 are among the highlights of the free track.


Once they have reached Level 25, players can buy the Premium Track for extra benefits, including cosmetics, more Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, and seasonal valuables.


Players can join the Premium track anytime during the season and earn all eligible rewards afterward. Any unearned, special seasonal prizes will be vaulted after the season. The Cardinal armor, tool, and weapon skin are some of the highlights of the Premium track.


This premium track can be purchased using New World's in-game coin, costing 20,000 Marks of Fortune. 


Whether you should purchase the premium track or not is entirely up to you. It is recommended if you love having access to all of the game's cosmetics or if you are a devoted fan who wishes to support the game in your capacity. If not, the free track should suffice; the non-cosmetic Premium Track awards may be obtained via the free track and regular gameplay.


Season Journey, Challenges, Stamp Card, and XP

Players Level 25 and up can use the Season Journey feature, which allows them to keep track of their progress throughout the season. With prizes for completing particular activities inside each chapter, it is divided into chapters depending on the Season's Story.


The most difficult objectives each season are seasonal challenges. Although they may prove trickier, these offer more rewards than the Seasonal Journey.


A seasonal mini-game dubbed the Activity Stamp Card gives Adventurers additional daily rewards for playing. Icons for each stamp location are associated with a particular activity. Activities that are finished will have slots on the card for XP stamped.


You can replace the activities on your current Stamp Card for Azoth if you don't like them. While all activities, even those that have been finished, will be substituted with new ones, completed Stamps will still be available.


Players earn Season XP through the Season Journey, Challenges, and Activity Cards. Additional ways to earn season XP include quests, boss fights, faction missions, outpost rush, town projects, expeditions, three-v-three arenas, and many more.


New Storyline

You get to enjoy new narratives and plots with Season One of New World, Fellowship, and Fire.


The main storyline for The Weaver's Fen and Brightwood has been revamped. This revision is done in response to player input and changes to the revised starting experience. You get to explore these two well-known sites through a new narrative this season and participate in various quests.


The Silver Crows, a brand-new narrative, is also included. Here, you get to gather a skilled group of assassins known as the Silver Crows to aid their first client, Skye, the Spear-daughter, in fending off a potent Warlock and the Varangian horde and putting an end to their schemes.


New Expedition, Dungeon, Mechanic, and Events

The Empyrean Forge is a new Expedition set in the Great Cleave for Level 60+. Here, you will team up with Sir Loth, a knight of Artorius, to stop the inflow of some mysterious magic deep within a necropolis.


We also get to explore a new dungeon that comes with a unique heart rune ability called the firestorm, which creates a tornado that damages targets in its path. You can also craft more potent gem versions to fit your playstyle.


The Dungeon also comes with a new enemy type — the humans. The Major Human Combat Trophy and new Human Ward/Bane gear to collect come with this.


Additionally, with about 30 different armor sets to collect and carry, this season will introduce new features, like the Gear Set Storage mechanic, allowing players to save and switch between their favorite gear sets after reaching level 25. 


Although only three slots will be available from the onset, additional slots can be earned through the Season Pass or purchased with Marks of Fortune. There will also be various new seasonal events to look out for, such as Rabbit's Revenge, Springtime Bloom, and Fury of the Spriggan.


One will observe a host of other weapons and combat-related changes in Fellowship and Fire. For instance, the ranged weapons are set to become more relevant in PvE as they will yield higher bonuses from perks than Melee weapons.


Weapons and Armour from OPR invasions and war crates can be upgraded to 600 gear score. There will also be no more penalties for elemental damage, making Mages more relevant in mutations.


You can no longer attack target dummies during wars, and Cranberry Compote can no longer be used in Arenas. However, you can now find better ammo in Elite areas and search for up to five perks in the Trade Posts.


Scarabs can now be used for craftsmanship to craft bags and tools, and the crafting screen will register your previously selected ingredients. The first craft bonus has increased from 200% to 300%, resulting in a faster trade skill progression.



For both returning fans of the game and those just looking to get into it, there are many things to be excited for in Season One of the Amazon MMORPG — New World: Fellowship and Fire. And if everything goes according to plan, we should expect another season soon from the game developers.


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