The Ultimate Velganos Raid Guide in Lost Ark

By Hakky2022-10-31

Velganos is possibly Lost Ark's most difficult Guardian Raid at the time of this writing. This would make sense, given that he is also the last Guardian in Raid Level 5 and was the final Guardian Raid that was accessible when Lost Ark was launched in the Western Hemisphere. To challenge Velganos, players' item levels must be at least 1385, and they must have cleared all of the prior Guardian Raids, including Night Fox Yoho.


Lost ARK: The Ultimate Velganos Raid Guide


Guardian Raids is a challenge that may be faced alone or with a group of up to three other players. Your group should consist of at most two people while taking on Velganos since the encounter's difficulty is determined by the total number of players. 


Velganos should be a more manageable challenge for damage-based classes when attempted alone or with a single support player. Similarly, if you play a support class, you should look for a damage-based player to join the arena alongside you. 


This is due to the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness dynamics, which will be discussed further below. You can form or join certain parties by utilizing the "find party" tool, and we strongly encourage you to select a group that is a suitable match for this Raid.


Velganos Important Mechanics and Tactics to Know

First and foremost, here are some basic pointers that will assist you with his Guardian Raid.


Battle Items

As with every other Guardian Raid, you should carry healing potions and flares for this one. Due to the sheer size of the terrain for this Raid, utilizing a burst to pinpoint Velganos as soon as possible will save you significant amounts of time.  


Again, owing to the enormous area of the map, utilizing a pheromone bomb while Velganos attempts to flee will save you a significant amount of time. Pheromone bombs are also helpful for holding Velganos in one location. 


Because Velganos has a handful of significant stagger tests and you are probably running a smaller party size, you will undoubtedly want whirlwind grenades for this particular encounter.


Power Of Light

Velganos yells, and blue smoke begins to emanate from underneath him. The best approach to deal with this is to get three buffs that increase your light level by moving through golden circles that emerge throughout the arena. Every group member will take less damage while he has this effect active. 


The beneficial effect of Light may stack a maximum of five times, but each additional layer does nothing more than enhance movement speed. The player responsible for the damage is allowed to acquire the buff, while the support is exempt from doing so. Because Velganos will only drop three golden rings of Light regardless of how many people are in the group, we strongly advise that there be no more than two players.


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Power Of Darkness

Certain Velganos' strikes will apply a debuff that reduces your resistance to Darkness. The number of damage players take due to Velganos' assaults will increase due to this debuff. 

It's fascinating to observe that the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness counterbalance each other in unexpected ways. As a result, each time you acquire a stack of Darkness, it will cause one of your Light stacks to vanish, and vice versa.



Long Charge

The same as the previous ability; however, this time, Velganos will phase out and temporarily become invisible after starting to shine instead of instantly rushing away after beginning to glow. 


When Velganos emerges, he will immediately beeline toward one party's members, charging a considerable distance in a direct line. 


If you see Velganos emerge, you should check which direction he is facing and move out of the path, or if he is facing you, you should be sure to avoid him and get out of the way of the crowd.


Slow And Fast AoE Circles

The differences between these skills can be challenging to see. When Velganos performs these powers, area of effect markers that are light blue will emerge on the ground around him. Passing through these circles will not cause any damage, but if you are in the area when they explode, you will experience wear and get a stack of power of Darkness.


If the area of effect indication is not entirely blue but instead contains smoke of a darker color inside it, the attack will be quick as opposed to sluggish. This ability is the only time in the latter phases of the battle that Velganos creates any more power of light buff rings, and it is only used once.


Targeted Bite

A golden ring materializes in front of Velganos, and an orb begins to float in the space above it. After then, a glowing golden mark will emerge over the head of every participant in the party. The whole group must position themselves near the golden ring at this juncture. After a brief period, one of the golden markings will change to a dark color. 

Whenever the mark on one of the party members becomes black, that person must instantly enter the ring. After that, Velganos will give this player a bite, which will cause them to be thrown into the air but will not do any damage. If you can pass this skill with flying colors, Velganos will be stunned for a few moments. Your whole party will be eliminated if you cannot utilize this ability.


Stagger Check

Velganos's aura becomes golden, and he begins to circle the room gently. As the golden lights reach the earth below Velganos, they begin to form a rune circle. In this case, we do a stagger check with an animation delay. Hold your whirlwind grenades and stagger abilities until the rune circle starts to form if you're sure you can make the stagger check before then. Suppose you need more confidence in your ability to pass the stagger check. In that case, you should get as far away from Velganos as possible before he unleashes his deadly area-of-effect assault, killing the great majority of players. Velganos will generate three more power light rings if the stagger check is successful.


Dark and Light Orb Attacks

Velganos makes a vertical leap as four black orbs appear, one by each of his legs. These spheres circle Velganos for a few seconds before beginning a slanting flight away from the planet. You'll suffer some damage and get a stack of "power of darkness" if you're struck. 


After the shadow orbs have left, Velganos' front and rear will simultaneously release six golden orbs. These golden orbs have an attack but don't provide any power of light stacks. Move to Velganos's side when you see him jump and the black orbs forming so that you may do damage at a vulnerable moment.


All The Phases of Velganos

Velganos has Three phases to fight it out; let's dive into it.


Phase 1 & 2

Velganos' assaults are powerful and terrifying, so know his tendencies. His major mechanic is Light and Dark, which increases damage. Velganos will release regions of Light throughout all of his phases. Entering a Light area provides you with Light. At peak stacks, you'll do more damage and suffer less.


Five stacks may be carried. Everyone should have at least three stacks in a group since that's where the damage bonus caps out. His strikes compound Dark's debuff. Avoid these strikes to keep your Light accumulations.

Velganos' pleasant glow is a sign. Each phase is staggered. If you stun Velganos long enough, he will die. Defeat Velganos to erase your party. You may flee from Velganos if you need more Stagger damage.


Sometimes Velganos bites. All allies will have a golden orb above their heads. One participant receives a black orb. Getting the orb requires entering the golden circle. Velganos then bites the player with the black orb, capturing them. Velganos will be self-stun. Velganos will erase your party if you don't or the incorrect person enters the circle.


Phase 3

Velganos' third phase is typical mainly. Velganos does more damage and takes less if you don't have Light stacks at 30% HP.


Velganos has one major destructive assault pattern that you must avoid. Enraged, he doesn't drop Light circles, making it hard to collect the requisite stacks.


He will spin in a black circle. Follow Velganos' swirl from here. One triangle will award Light stacks, while the other will grant Dark stacks and do damage. It would help if you walked in a spiral. If done successfully, you'll get four Light stacks.


These are the critical Lost Ark Velganos mechanics. Follow this tutorial to prepare for the most challenging Guardian Raid in Lost Ark.



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