Lost Ark - What is Different in Brelshaza Hard Mode Gate 5

By Jessie2023-03-10

Brelshaza is the Commander of the Phantom Legion in Lost Ark is the Commander of the Phantom Legion in Lost Ark, which is not easy for players to defeat in hard model. Many players were asked about the hard guide of it, so for your comfortable Lost Ark Life, we will go over the difference between the normal and hard model of Brelshaza in this guide.


As you know, challenging Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza gates 5&6 requires item level 1520, which is very tough to reach. Brelshaza is pouring everything into you. If you’re not quite up to the level, you must die a lot. In order to play inside of those gates comfortably, I recommend +20 weapons and +17 on the higher armor part for the raid because I've seen many situations in which boss HP won't go down faster than you expect.


Brelshaza is a tough beast that you have to take down. So for the DPS class, make at least +19 to +24 weapons and +17 to +18 for your armor part. If you have much spare gold for horning, try making it 19 to 20. If you do that, you can access the normal model right away. The support class doesn't need anything because support is god.


Major Mechanics

Shape Mechanics is a little complicated. In normal model, the shape is fixed, like Circle, Diagram, Hexagon, stardom. In hard model, those shapes are random. You are randomly given shapes as the rate goes on.


Normally, for the DPS in this raid, completing shape starts from the star. After you complete the star, you need to report to your raid party that the star is completed or the star is done.


After that, you will lay down the shape, but you have to lay down just like in the position in normal model. It’s a little hard to understand. Let me explain it more easily: you got a star. If you are playing in the normal model, your party will see four stars, and you will get 12 or 1 in the hard model. You need to swap your position by looking at that four-scene. Keep in mind that you must see those things and choose your location where you have to go.


Cross 14 is the time three position, and the circle is times three plus one positions. Let me explain it more easily: you are a star, and you saw four circles, meaning you'll lay down your shape at one. Or if you see the cross, you have to go to 12. And one thing you need to be aware of before laying down your shape is the Deskaluda Laser twice. If you get hit by this laser, you get higher damage and narrow side debuff. After that, lay down the shape and do it like in the normal. 



Stagger is quite same, but you got to do the counter. If you fail to do the counter, you'll get silence and it mostly leads to restart. And if your party can handle those Gimmicks, using an honor is recommended. After you're done with the stagger, go into a cube, like in normal. The cube's inside is quite similar, but it has an additional attack mechanic: the spikes.


Party one will receive an aerial spike attack. Party two will receive a guide spike attack. If you get hit by those spikes, you lose one stack you need. And memory games are almost the same. If you fail to step on those areas, you'll get silenced.



During the shape mechanic, Brelshaza should also use the spike attack. When you get hit by those flying and aerial spike attacks, you lose one shape attack.


During the technical attack, petrify aerial attack was added. So mind the floor at 6:17 seconds at the end of the video below . 


You can also check the full video guide here.






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