Lost Ark New Class - Aeromancer Coming Soon

By Jessie2023-08-09

Lost Ark, the popular free-to-play MMO action RPG, is adding a new class to its roster: the Aeromancer. The Aeromancer is the second Specialist advanced class, following the Musician. She uses an umbrella as her weapon and can manipulate the weather to unleash powerful attacks or support her allies.


The Aeromancer's identity skill is Sun Shower, which fills up a Raindrop Meter as she hits enemies with her skills. When the meter is full, she can activate Sun Shower, which enhances her basic attacks and movement skill, damages nearby enemies, and reduces damage received by herself and her party. Sun Shower also counts as an umbrella skill, which can trigger various effects depending on her engravings.


Lost Ark New Class - Aeromancer is Coming Soon


Aeromancer's Class Engravings

The Aeromancer has two class engravings: Wind Fury and Drizzle. Wind Fury increases her crit rate and crit damage based on her move speed and attack speed bonuses and also restores some of her Raindrop Meter if she uses two umbrella skills in a row. However, it also reduces the area of effect of Sun Shower and removes its attack power reduction effect on enemies while increasing its Raindrop Meter consumption. Drizzle reduces the Raindrop Meter consumption of Sun Showers by half and increases the damage to her weather skills while it is active.


Aeromancer's Skills

The Aeromancer has various skills that can create different weather effects, such as tornadoes, whirlpools, thunderstorms, and snowflakes. Some of her skills are:


•Spread: She charges forward and pierces the target with her umbrella, then opens it to inflict more damage.


•Downward Strike: She slams her umbrella twice, dealing damage with each hit.


•Tornado Dance: She spins her umbrella while moving forward, hitting enemies multiple times, then swings it with great force to push them away.


•Rage: She swings her umbrella fiercely, then unsheathes a sword hidden inside it and slashes the enemy.


•Tornado: She throws her umbrella in a direction, creating a tornado that hits enemies up to eight times and pushes them away.


•Wind Gimlet: She performs a tornado attack with her wind-infused umbrella. If the target is downed or in the air, she lifts them again and deals more damage.


•Face to Face: She holds up her umbrella in a direction to block damage. If an enemy's attack touches the umbrella within 0.8 seconds, she performs a counterattack that blasts them away.


•Piercing Wind: She instantly performs a counterattack that blasts the enemy away.


•Whirlpool: She creates a whirlpool in a direction that pulls in enemies and damages them.


Lost Ark Aeromancer Skills


The Aeromancer will arrive in Arkesia next week on August 16, 2023, along with some progression events to help players level up their new characters. Players who create an Aeromancer character during the event period will receive various rewards, such as gold, crystals, engravings, costumes, mounts, pets, and more. Additionally, players who reach level 50 with their Aeromancer will get an exclusive title and avatar.


The Aeromancer is the latest addition to the Lost Ark's diverse and dynamic class system, which offers players many options and customization for their gameplay style. The Aeromancer is expected to be a versatile and fun class that can deal damage, support allies, and control the battlefield with her weather manipulation abilities.


If you are interested in learning more about the Aeromancer or Lost Ark in general, you can check out the Lost Ark official website.



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