Lost Ark March Updated Contents: New Storyline – Kadan, Abyss Raid – Argos, And More

By Jessie2022-03-09

Since Lost Ark launched on Feb 11, it has reached more than 1.3 million players on Steam in the western country. And the number of players is still growing steadily. And as everyone knows, the Korean version has a lot of content that the Western version doesn't.


Recently, Amazon Games announced working closely with Smilegate RPG to inject content into the western version from March. Here is the information about the upcoming March update.


Lost Ark


Lost Ark update contents


New Storyline - Kadan

Players will start a new storyline, complete their quests, and explore new islands. And these quests will include a cast of new and old characters because players need to know more about the Sidereals and look for Kandan- the first Guardian slayer. Before starting the new storyline, players will need to complete Feiton and the following quests: Yorn - Let There Be Light, Whispering Islet - Start of Our Story, and 'Illusion Bamboo Island - End of the Trials. For new content Isteri and Illusion Bamboo Island, the recommended item level is 1100.


Abyss Raid - Argos

Another update content is a new end-game activity: Abyss Raids, similar to Guardian Raids. But in Abyss Raids, players can form a party of eight to defeat one Guardian. But the Guardian will be stronger than the average Guardian, so it will be much difficult for you to defeat it. And to find Argos, players have to complete the guide quest "Abyss Raid Unlocked."


Lost Ark: Abyss Raid - Argos


In this activity, players need to defeat the Guardian in three phases, and it will grow more powerful with different mechanics and attack patterns in each stage, and thus, they will get different rewards. But the reward can only be collected once a week. And different stages require a different item level.

  • ☆ Stage 1 - Item Level 1370
  • ☆ Stage 2 - Item Level 1385
  • ☆ Stage 3 - Item Level 1400

Argos will be available through the Abyss Raid Statue in major cities. 


Lost Ark update to Top Issues


In addition, they also made a separate announcement on the issue of Lost Ark. They said they would adjust the difficulty of some T1 and T2 content's Guardian Raids and Abyss dungeon. Because the guardians have very high health, killing them is very difficult. So they will lower their difficulty to make it easier for players.


They also solved an issue about "Lost Ark gold seller and bots." The announcement said, "We are constantly adjusting tools, improving chat filters, and acting on reports to ban gold sellers and bots from the game at a rapid rate. Spammers last an average of less than 10 minutes in-game before getting banned." And to avoid spammers can instantly create new accounts to spam, characters under level 30 won't use area chat, but they can still chat with groups, friends, in dungeons, and more. So for players who want to buy gold, finding a reliable gold seller to buy safe Lost Ark gold is important. MmoGah is a legit and reliable website that has been in the market for more than 15 years and over the years, we have won many gamers' heart.


Amazon Games said the above is only the partial contents, and they will also fix some bugs. They also announced that soon they'll share a roadmap that covers the top additions coming to Arkesia over the next few months. For more detailed information, you can follow their social channels and to see the newest news, or you can bookmark our Lost Ark news page. We will share the latest information in time.



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