Lost Ark Gold Guide: For New Players and Returning Players

By Jessie2023-01-06

Lost Ark is a very old-friendly game, and it heavily rewards people who play more Alts or have more characters on higher levels. Also, when you start playing the game, they give you two more free level 50 Alts after you complete your first main studio with your first character. So I'm expecting that you at least play three characters. Gold is not that necessary before T3 as everything is accelerated until T3. You'll feel the necessity of gold when you hit T3 with your characters, so we'll start from there.


Lost Ark Gold Guide


The first step is to try to log in every day. Do your daily quest dungeons and your daily guardian raid twice with all of your characters. If you think you have enough mats to hone your gear but don't have enough gold, then you can sell all the unbound materials at the auction house.


Also, you can make level 7 gems when it's ready and sell them on the auction house with 15k gold each. You can get gems while doing chaos dungeons. And when you fuse them, you can get a higher-level gem. So you can fuse low gems until they reach level 7, which can be sold for 13k-15k gold. If the price is lower than that, that means the skill of the gem is not good. You have to re-roll the gem with your slivers to get better skills. Then you can sell it at a better price. Make sure you check the price before putting it on the auction house. Try to undercut people to sell it faster. The main idea is that the more characters you have, the more gems and mats you will generate, and the more gold you'll get by selling those.


The second tip is that look up the events and Procyon's map. If there are any chaos gate: Field Bosses, Ghost Ship, and Adventure Islands available, do them. These events are one character per roaster; try not to miss them. It's free gold. Because if you finish chaos gate, you will get rare to legendary or maybe a relative map if you're lucky. But whatever you get, you can join another group with the same tier map and complete it to get 4X loots. Make sure you don't do it solo. Sell all the drops on the auction house to get a good amount of gold. Make sure you do the KSK on the higher difficulty possible with your highest item level character to increase the efficiency, and there is the same gold for Adventure Island. Do not miss it with gold rewards in it. Also, Filed Bosses and Ghost Ship aren't bad for value because they drop expensive items you can sell at the auction house.


The third tip is that work on your life skills or professions. When you click B on your keyboard, you will see the energy bar and many other life skills. Make sure to utilize the energy bar by farming the mats. You're wasting it when it's full and you're not using it. So, don't waste it. I excavate and collect the mats, then sell them at the auction house or make Oreha Fusion materials on both works of my stronghold.


The fourth tip is to do your valuable weeklies, giving you gold rewards. For example, if you are 1450 ilevel, you can do Vykas and Argos. If you have difficulty finding a group, you can still get some gold back later when you have a gold build. If you have six characters, you can do all the valuable raids at this junction six times a week and get six times gold. Most people play six characters to get more gold every week because the cap is six characters. But it's OK if you can't play six characters. Playing three characters is still OK, but the gold earning will be less.


The number 6 tip is to do your weekly and daily Una tasks to fill that bar. Filling that bar will get you more points. And with that points, you can buy gold back. Don't miss out on them.


Above is how you own gold Lost Ark as a new player or returning player. Hope you can get some value out of it.



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