Lost Ark Best Kakul Saydon Build

By ivicamilaric2022-10-03

Lost Ark is an MMORPG that is fast gaining global popularity. The same game offers a very appealing role-playing environment, supplemented by a well-defined world and a massive number of activities that players can partake in. But, what makes the same game special is also its ever-expanding ecosystem of new content. The same applies to Kakul Saydon. The month of September 2022, more precisely September 28 will see the big update of Rage with the Machinist come to Lost Ark. Among all of the content that this includes is the new Legion Raid. That comes in the form of Midnight Circus and its key figure of Mayhem Demon Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon.


Because of this, the community around Lost Ark builds is buzzing with excitement, mainly thanks to the fact that so many players are looking for the best Kakul Saydon builds. Knowing the level of challenge that often comes with new Lost Ark content and thus new Lost Ark builds will not be an easy task. Instead, it can be expected that many players will struggle to figure out what the Kakul Saydon build they want to pursue and what Lost Ark builds that will take their time and effort without any tangible results. This guide should help with that process as it will showcase the path towards the Kakul Saydon build that will truly live up to the title of one of the best builds for this same Legion Raid, but also so much more.


Lost Ark Best Kakul Saydon Build


Rage with the Machinist Update

There is a lot of additional content that will come to the world of Lost Ark, courtesy of the Rage with the Machinist update. That includes a brand new Machinist class, which will be used to burn, neutralize, and blast all dangers using its high-tech laser weapons, drones, and machine guns. But, the update will also bring in a new Legion Raid. That will be the Kakul Saydon and the entire Midnight Circus. He is the one who brought about his infection to the land and also possessed the ability to hold a feast that becomes a demonic and outwardly trap. Because of it, the soldiers began losing their sanity and attacking each other.


The same reflects on the new raid itself. In the third Legion Raid, the player will have to match the insanity of the dangerous place that is the Midnight Circus and its commander. It is also a four-player raid that has three separate gates and many new characters, mechanics, and abilities. Because of all of this, players across the board in Lost Ark are looking to find the best Kakul Saydon builds. Here, MMOGAH holds one of the most important benefits anyone in Lost Ark could get - boosting their gold. The MMOGAH gold shop for Lost Ark is the best provider of the same game-boosting services, having so far helped countless satisfied clients. The same will continue for any new customer that might want to get a bit of a boost in the game and especially the new Legion Raid. But, even with enough gold, some important facts will be relevant to anyone looking for the best Lost Ark builds for this new and thrilling content.


Top Choice for Kakul Saydon Build

Similar to Vykas and Valtan raids, the Kakul Saydon also has no resurrections. Instead, it only features restarts, as well as the Rehearsal and Normal modes. So, players will have to work with these constraints and keep them in mind for the best Kakul Saydon build options. On a more practical side, players will also need to have a character that is at an item level of 1475 or higher. In terms of engravings, the Kakul Saydon options are Adrenaline, Raid Captain, Curse Doll, Grudge, and Awakening. Finally, Esoteric Skill Enhancement is also a good option. When it comes to the player’s gems, the good option is to go for the full set of level seven gems. Here, the issue of cooldowns is what counts, and many players will focus on trying hard to reduce that timeframe as much as possible.


Here, the full set of sevens seems to be the most optimal solution. The problem of Kakul Saydon best build gear is a bit more nuanced. The Relic gear is a prime candidate, especially when in the full set. Here as well, the concept of “the higher, the better” is fully in play for best Kakul Saydon builds. None of this is etched in stone and should be perceived more as a best practices approach. Because of the special nature of the Legion raid of Kakul Saydon, no full and ultimate recipes for the best Lost Ark builds can be provided. However, as a guideline, these notices related to gems, engravings, and gear will be more than useful.


Kakul Saydon


Kakul Saydon Tips and Tricks for Gear Choices

Besides the previously set-out ideas, there are also some Kakul Saydon build tips and tricks that will help anyone take on the mad clown. Clearly, weapons which are at level 20 or 21 will be useful. But, the optimal choices remain gems on level 7, 5 free, or 5x3 equivalent engravings, especially with the Relic set. In terms of minimal gear requirements, players should think of full level 5 sets as the lowest point they should consider. Anything below that would be very hard for all players, no matter their skill, who are seeking to take on the Kakul Saydon.


Fun and Challenge

Rage with the Machinist is a big and important update that brings along plenty of new content, including the Kakul Saydon raid. The best Lost Ark builds will only form as players have the time to test them out, but with these ideas on the best Kakul Saydon builds, anyone can find a good starting point.

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