Lost Ark: 5 Ways to Prepare for The Slayer and Make Gold In The Process

By Jessie2023-05-13

The Slayer is the fifth Warrior Advanced Class released in Lost Ark on May 10th. If you haven't prepared for this class, I will give you five ways to prepare quickly here. So let's go ahead and get into it.


Lost Ark Slayer Guide


Stop Honing, and Hoard All Tradeable Mats from Alts

We’re getting a progression event for Slayer, which is awesome. But in the worst case scenario, we're getting one to 1445. From 1445 to 1490, these are the materials that you will need: 7M Silver, 45k Gold, 290k Shards, 2450 Stones, 1700 Oreha's, 75k Blue's, and 25K Reds.


First, you must hoard all these materials from your alts to donate to your Slayer. You need to do this if you're trying to hone as much as possible. And you can obtain some materials from the event as well.


Do your Chaos Gates

Shards are usually one of the things that hold you back, especially with a new character. So go to do your chaos dungeon and the maps. You can get shard drops from those treasure maps.


Buy Level 7 Gems

Go ahead and buy your level 7 damage gems because these gems are super cheap right now. They are below 10k gold. For damage gems, you can buy five of them if you are planning on playing the spec build because you only need five damage gems for that build. You can casually work on the cooldown gems, but if you want to pump as much damage as possible, you need to buy the damage gems ahead of time. You can also fuse enough gems to get the cooldown gems because you will get level 5 gems by default from the progression event.


Buy Honing Books from Legion Commander Exchange

This massive tip can save you a ton of gold. You need to come to the Legion Commander exchange and buy Honing Books. The progression event will give you some Honing Books, but these are the weekly roster limit. You can buy these Honing Books every week, even if you don't want to build a slayer. You can use these for Aeromancer or another class you want to build later. So stock up on these. Make sure that you're doing this every week. Having these books available will save you a lot of gold, time, and mats so you can hone them as quickly as possible.


Pre-Buy Materials Low, And Sell Them High

This tip is possibly the biggest one, making you the most gold in this entire process, even if you're not making a Slayer. You can make a chart like this to know what materials you lack and go to the market to buy them.


Lost Ark Slayer Guide Chart


And I say buy them now because their price is very low right now. For example, the fusion materials are 15.8 gold, the lowest rate they've been in the last five days. They have been dropping huge. It's cheaper to buy them at 15 right now than to buy the materials and make them in your stronghold.


You can buy enough materials to get you through the process from 1445 to 1490. For any materials you don't use, you can sell them back in that first week or two. These prices might go way up, so you have a big potential to make a lot of gold because these have gone up in NA EAST. So you could sell them for double what you bought them, which is a really good gold-making opportunity.


As for the Great Honor Leapstones, it's pretty good to buy them at 17 gold, but you might buy them at 20 gold to 21 gold. You can buy a lot of them at a low price. The Great Honor Leapstones' price will go up whenever everyone is trying to hone their Slayer with them. So if you don't use all of them, you can sell them back in that first week or so.


Great Honor Leafstones' Current Price


If you have a good amount of gold, you can invest in these two materials because they will go up in the first week, especially for people honing their new characters. It's not just for people making slayers, maybe making an artist, or making a new character, they will need these materials.


Another thing that you could buy is the Marvelous Honor Leapstone if you're planning for your Breshaza gear, same thing with the Superior Oreha Fusion Materials.


Lost Ark Materials' Current Price


You can buy lots of them to build your Slayer. And they're cheap. They can be a little bit cheaper, depending on what materials you're using to buy them from, instead of making them in your stronghold. Even if you don't use them, you can also buy them. Because their price should go up, and you'll be able to sell them and make a lot of gold.



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