Lost Ark 2023 Tier List

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Lost Ark is one of the best Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Games. Smilegate and Tripod Studios collaborated to create it in South Korea. For the Western release, Amazon Game Studios took over as publisher. During its Western release, the game shattered Steam records, with very well above 1 million concurrent players.


It flawlessly blends the qualities of an MMO and an action RPG, which means lots of adversaries and lots of over-the-top powers to slay them all. Lost Ark offers giant swords, guns, martial arts, etc.


Lost Ark Tier Guide


You can travel through the mythical realm of Arkesia in pursuit of the legendary Lost Ark in this game. It's a sprint against the clock as you battle an ancient evil. You will also encounter other characters and players along the road, where the MMO component comes into play since other players frequently encircle you. You can go on treasure hunts and engage in spectacular action battles.


It is a fantastic, isometric ARPG with endgame PvE activities, PvP arenas, and scheduled daily and weekly content in terms of gameplay. Leveling occurs and includes various quests, raids, dungeons, duels, and cinematic set-pieces to keep players entertained.


There are three content levels available in the endgame once you reach level 50, completing the original level arc. You can also travel to discover different islands, building on your Stronghold. 


In terms of plot, Lost Ark is one of the more compelling storylines among modern MMORPGs. Kazeros' demon army has attacked the entire globe of Arkesia, opening the Chaos Gate with his six battalions to conquer the human realm.


The world has changed into a place where there are no heroes. Much like a mythical legend, everyone has forgotten about the Ark, which conquered the monsters in the past. The player must now journey into the enormous world of the Lost Ark to retrieve the fragments and fight the demon army. The Lost Ark is the only force capable of defeating the demons.


You can define your combat method with a class and advanced class, then modify your skills, weapons, and armor to bring your strength to bear as you fight against swarms of opponents, giant monsters, and dark powers chasing the power of the Ark.


Every MMORPG in the vast gaming library allows players to handle strong characters tailored to any playstyle - and Lost Ark is no exception. You can select from a collection of deadly combatants and spell-slinging characters, all with their distinctive attributes, comprising five overarching classes and over twenty different advanced classes available.


The game's five umbrella classes are Assassin, Gunner, Mage, Martial Artist, and Warrior. When you reach Level 10, you can select an Advanced Class, narrowing down which exact playstyle you want to pursue. The main draw of Lost Ark is its extensive collection of Advanced Classes.


The advanced classes for Assassin are Deathblade, Reaper, and Shadowhunter. For Gunner, Artillerist, Gunslinger, Deadeye, Machinist, and Sharpshooter. For Mage, we have Arcanist, Bard, Summoner, and Sorceress. The martial artist has five advanced classes, including Glavier, Soulfist, Scrapper, Striker, and Wardancer. The Warrior Class has Berserker, Destroyer, Gunlancer, and Paladin as advanced classes.


The subclasses are ranked in the tier list below based on their team synergy, combat potency, leveling flexibility, and engravings. The tier list contains five standards: S, A, B, C, and D, where S is the highest and D the least.


The tier list is determined by the game's PvP and PvE meta. Players should select a subclass that matches their playstyle. Applying the tier list isn't a hard-and-fast rule, as each class and subclass available to a player in Lost Ark is deserving. You can choose any style and quickly reach the endgame.


Let's get into the tier list and brief description of the different classes:



Classes in the S-Tier include:



Gunslinger is an excellent class with a mobile weapon arsenal capable of long-range attacks regardless of the enemy's distance. Also, with a gun for every circumstance and the ability to move between them rapidly, Gunslingers are formidable opponents and challenging to track down.



Bard is an excellent choice for gamers searching for an extra-efficient all-rounder with healing buffs who can also provide powerful attacking skills. Bards are essential for 3v3 confrontations since they deal insane harm, and their ability to assist teammates makes them valuable members of any squad.



Paladins have direct access to the powers, harnessing ancient forces into powerful offensive and defensive maneuvers. If you want to deal damage while simultaneously having exceptional healing capabilities and the ability to aid allies with higher buffs, Paladin is an excellent choice for Lost Ark PvP.



Scrappers wield a heavy gauntlet and use two reversed sorts of attack force that feed off one other to unleash ongoing destruction. They're well poised enough to catch adversaries off guard with a strong attack, defense, speed, and staying power.



Although it may take some time to understand how to use it, each aspect of the class is fantastic once you do. Having mastered Sorceress, all you have to do is cast spells on your enemies, and they will vanish.



Classes in the A-Tier include:



Deathblade is an assassin class that employs three swords together with the power of chaos to slice their enemies quickly. Fast-paced combo strikes from the light twin swords and longsword overwhelm opponents, resulting in death by a thousand cuts.



The Striker class offers aerial assaults that can cause havoc for the opposing party. Striker is a martial arts style class that assaults opponents with the force of a strong wind. It possesses many physical skills with quick mobility, performs magnificent aerial combos after quickly hitting adversaries, and employs mighty elemental powers to turn the battle.



Gunlancers, the first unit of defense, bear the brunt of enemies with their defensive mode and battlefield shields to safeguard the rest of their party. While a cannon lance is a deadly weapon, its value stems from its capacity to protect comrades and absorb harm like a sponge.



A competitive class that, through its latent damage abilities, prevents opponents from advancing so that some other high-damage type can ultimately destroy them.



Like Wardancer, Artillerist lacks agility, resulting in assaults that are either slow or too low in damage. You can always use the subclass in close combat, but remember to pair it with other robust supports.



Shadowhunters seek to outwit demons by shapeshifting to release chaotic power. Shadowhunters can gain access to highly destructive abilities and boost health and mobility speed.



In Lost Ark, the Summoner is a challenging class to master, yet it may be mighty in the hands of the right player. This class combines mobility with ranged choices and intense damage for regularity and burst.



Classes in the B-Tier include:



The Reaper has a dagger as its weapon and can disappear on command and conjure copies of itself to fight adversaries.



The Destroyer is a fearsome character, and their ability to manipulate gravity makes them an invaluable addition to any party. The class focuses primarily on creating Gravity Cores and crowd-controlling its adversaries.



The Arcanist offers one of the most outstanding offensive options for your fighting team, concentrating on flash damage at close distances. Furthermore, her excellent mobility is beneficial for survival, although she is less successful than the others on the list.



Berserkers are an excellent alternative for beginners who wish to level up their characters quickly. Berserkers are also perfect for players that enjoy giving out severe damage while remaining at a safe distance due to their two-in-one melee+DPS nature.



Glaivier transforms into a combative melee-oriented class in PvP for any player seeking excellent mobility, strength, and push immunity. Glaivier possesses nimble combos as well as amazing AoE.



Classes belonging to this tier are:



Sharpshooters are distance attackers who wield mechanical bows with customized arrows. Their tremendous resilience and mobility keep them in the battle for the long term, and their covert machinations are ideal for exposing opponent flaws.



Despite having a devastating burst attack, Soulfist is ranked C in this Lost Ark's tier list due to its extremely slow cooldown and prolonged charge.



Scouter, known as Machinist, is a gunner class character and a long-range Damage per second (DPS) class that utilizes modern technology in battle. There are two methods to approach this class, one focusing on transformation engraving and the other on drones.



The only class in our D-Tier is:



We conclude this Tier List with Deadeye, which might be challenging to navigate. You'll need to know the various PVE and PVP builds to get the most from the Deadeye class.


For Deadeye, It is necessary to maximize damage while still having sufficient crowd control and agility to withstand massive boss strikes. You can be slain in battle using the weaponry at your disposal, including a shotgun.



That takes us to the end of our Lost Ark Tier List for 2023. This should also give you a sense of the various classes. Every list is subjective, so it is totally up to you which class you choose; either way, you are guaranteed to love the game.



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