How to Level Up Your Tripods in Lost Ark

By Anna2022-04-07

Once you start getting tripods on your gear in tier 3, the tripod system to level them up and transfer tripods can get a bit confusing. So I decided to share this article to help break it down for you since doing tripods well can avoid some wrong operations and losing some Gold Lost Ark.


The Reason for Levelling Up the Tripods

When skill hits level 10, you can have three tripods activated, making the skills stronger. However, when you hover over these tripods, you can see that they have even better effects at higher levels.


Lost Ark higher tripods levels effects


Once you hit tier 3 and get your first set of tier 3 gear, you'll notice that every piece now has an added effect on it. These effects are actually levels for your skill tripods. All six pieces of your gear, including your weapon, can have tripods on them, and each piece of gear can have up to three different tripods on it. So there's a lot of room to get the tripods that you want.


The upside of these upgraded tripods is that they greatly enhance the effects they provide for your skills. For example, at level 1, my Quick Prep tripod provides a minus two cooldown reduction.


Lost Ark Quick Prep tripod


And at level 3, I get a minus three-second cooldown reduction. However, at level 5, it provides a four-second cooldown reduction, doubling the reduction from level 1.


But the downside of this is that the tripods you get on your gear are completely random, and because of this, there is something extremely important that you should do right off the bat when you hit tier 3, and you get that new tier 3 gear set, which is to set notifications.


Lost Ark Set Notifications



Select the Best Tripods

Ideally, you'll want to level up your best tripods, which you use in your skill build, and not the grayed-out ones you never touch. However, since there are so many tripods for every class and these tripods appear randomly, it's hard to hover over and instantly know which ones you want.


You need to open your skill menu and press settings in the bottom right-hand corner to make this easier. Now you can select the skills you use and click on the tripods you want to level up. In this menu, you can track as many tripods as you'd like.


Lost Ark Track Tripods


Lost Ark Little Tripod Icon


And now, when you get gear drops, you'll see the little tripod icon in the top right-hand corner of the gear; this is one of your saved tripods.


Now you can dismantle the gear you don't want much easier.


Lost Ark Dismantle the Gear


And you don't need to risk losing important tripods.



Break Down the Tripod System

Next up, I'm going to break down the tripod system for you. Since the system itself is a little bit complicated, there's a lot you can do to save and move these tripods around. The maximum level for each tripod is level 5, and you'll notice that the levels of tripods on your gear drops are also random. Ideally, you're going to want to be using the highest level tripods that you can find; with that out of the way, the first system for tripods I'm going to cover is how to save your tripods.


Save Your Tripods

You need to head over to the transfer skill tree NPC and click on the inventory tab to do this.


Lost Ark Transfer Skill Tree NPC


In this menu, you can click on a piece of gear with tripods that you would like to save, and then at the bottom, you can click Save in Inventory.


If you've got a brand new piece of gear and want to move your tripods over to it, you can simply put your saved set back onto it.


Lost Ark Brand New Piece of Gear


It overrides any old tripods on the new gear.


You can also only save tripods to the same gear slot that you saved them in.


Lost Ark Save Tripods to the Same Gear Slot


For example, transferring from a helmet to a helmet, and just like with your skill menu, you can also save multiple presets here by clicking on the one and two tabs at the top in case you want to save different tripods for different gear builds.


Lost Ark One and Two Tabs


Transfer Specific Tripods

This inventory system is also very nice because it's free to do, and it has a 100% success chance to move tripods onto the new gear. However, you might not have the right tripods on your gear. For example, you might have one great tripod and two other ones that you don't really need. In that instance, you need to transfer a better tripod to override the bad tripod, which leads me to the system of transferring tripods at the same NPC where you saved your tripods to your inventory. You can now click the transfer tab.


Lost Ark Any Piece of Gear


Here you can select tripods from any piece of gear you have and transfer it to another piece of gear, and unlike the inventory system, they don't have to be the same kind of gear either. You can mix and match if you want to. Just keep in mind that the gear piece you take off the tripod will be destroyed after the transfer process. And this is where the system adds in a little bit of RNG.


A level 1 tripod is simple because it has a 100% success rate.


Lost Ark Level 1 Tripod


So if you're moving a level 1 tripod over, you can do this without any worry. However, a level 2 tripod is significantly harder to move as it only has a 30% success rate; this can be raised with a material called Powder of Sage, which you can either craft in your Stronghold or purchase from the Chaos Dungeon Vendor or the market.


Lost Ark Powder of Sage


And again, remember that each piece of gear can only have a total of three tripods equipped and a maximum tripod level 5, so mix and match mindfully. Also, tripods do not stack, as the game will just choose the highest level of the same tripod that you have equipped.


Move Your Tripods to New Gear

Now that I've covered those two systems of saving tripods to your inventory and transferring specific tripods, I'm going to talk about the different ways in which you can move your tripods to new gear.


Remember, if you're using your inventory at the NPC to transfer tripods, always save your preset in that menu before transferring tripods to your new gear. In this way, if you get a higher quality piece of gear that you want to transfer your honing levels over to, you don't lose your tripods because transferring honing levels gets rid of your old tripods. You can just transfer the honing level over stress-free and then head back over to the NPC and reapply your saved tripods for free. This method is great because you don't need to worry about the success rates of transferring the tripods around, like you do when you're initially getting each piece of gear set up.


Also, if you get a new piece of armor with two tripods that you want on it, you can save both of those new tripods to your skill inventory and then apply them over your current gear as long as they are the same gear piece. For example, you are moving a chess pieces tripod over to your new chess pieces.


One more note: it isn't even possible to manually transfer two tripods over from one piece of gear. Because when you move one tripod over, the gear you moved it from is consumed, which means it disappears. And the gear is also consumed regardless of whether you succeed in your transfer. So even if it fails, you won't be able to try again. So it's really up to you how you want to move your tripods around so that you can save your best combination of them in your inventory tab. Keep an eye out for your saved tripods on your gear drops from chaos dungeons, guardian raids, and the like. In this way, you don't miss anyone you want. I know this system has a lot to absorb, so you can also watch Myca's video to better understand the system (since most content of this article is from her). I hope that this helps you out and that you have good luck getting your desired tripods and transferring them around successfully. Have fun with your upgraded skills.



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