A Quick Guide of Abyss Dungeon – Kayangel in Lost Ark

By Jessie2023-06-23

Welcome to the Abyssal Raid quick guide series featuring Kayangel. We curated this article to help players quickly understand his biggest mechanic. If you need a more detailed version of the gates, you can check it here.


Brief Introduction of Kayangel

Kayangel is the new Abyssal Dungeon introduced in Elgacia, which has fewer mechanics than Legion Raids. It has two modes: Normal Mode: 1540+ and Hard Mode: 1850+. And different modes will offer different rewards. The more important ones are:


Important Rewards of Kayangel


Main Mechanics of Kayangel

Gate 1

♢ At 55 plants, you must dodge a pizza-shaped indicator and stagger.

♢ Stay between the boss and the shield orbs to dodge snowflakes on their feet.

♢ You must find the correct color between Cyan Orbs and magenta Orbs through line explosion and his Aura.

♢ Take the orb at the boss's roar.

♢ At 25 lines, take the orbs in order: blue one ring, white two rings, and orange three. And look at the mini-map to help identify your ores beforehand.


Gate 2

♢ Do not place light pools in the center area. Always place outside the square stage.

♢ At 55 lines, the outside stages will break and initiate a dodging mechanic. There will be winds coming downwards with lightning pillars and TN swords to dodge.

♢ Marked players will have to dodge Tien's sword as soon as Mark disappears. Any additional light poles after this should always be placed on the walls or the corners.


Gate 3

The most significant mechanic in this part is Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, and Water beats Fire.

♢ Around 60 lines, fully cleanse the party and stand in a reverse triangle position.

♢ Block each projectile and rotate counterclockwise six times.

♢ Afterward, she will indicate an element, and you need to destroy the stronger element that survived the blast.

♢ Ensure your spacebar minigame is 80-90 full before freeing yourself at the black explosion.

♢ Around 40 lines, she will teleport to the middle to spot two waves of three minions. Counter them and stagger. Counter and double reset your cooldowns.

♢ Around 16 lines, you will create elemental rings and destroy the stronger elemental on each ring. The Inner has two middle and out has four to be removed.


Gate 3 of Kayangel


Gate 3(1) of Kayangel


Gate 4

Do not rotate Lauriel's head when he's making the mirror pattern.

At 180 bar, he will spawn light crystals when hit by Lauriel's attacks. Destroy the activated light crystals to receive a buff, and you can also deliver this Aura to other party mates. Without this buff, Lauriel has 99 reduced damage.


At 140 lines, he will fire lasers at a triangle or verse triangle. The players are like mirrors. Bounce the laser four times to stagger the boss back.


Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Kayangel  Guide


Don't step on the black circle. Use your auto attacks to adjust your laser angle.


At 100 lines, all players gather in the middle. The boss will spawn a series of orbs, then emit light waves to show the true white orbs. You must take 5 of these, then gather in the center.


Note: taking any black orbs will decrease your stack and stun you.


A shadow mechanic will start after two ring explosions.


 Gate 4 Shadow Mechanic


Staying in the middle will give you enough time to move in any of the shadows that you need to be under. You need to be under the shadow between the light wave explosions and do this twice.


At 60 lines, he will teleport everyone away just like a sword to the statue, playing all the red pillars with Runes Symbols. If your mates ping with the Lauriel Clone, stagger the clone to receive a shield.


From 60 to 0 lines, you will consistently get stronger with periodic shadow mechanics. You can check the light Pillars in the Rune symbols to know the shadow positions. During the shadow mechanic, Lauriel will try to pull you with his mirror attack. Feel free to use your Time Stop here or keep moving while staying far away. Remember that there's also laser-firing afterward.



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