League of Legends Season 11: New Champion Gwen Revealed

By Penny2021-03-30

Hi, Summoners. Today’s content is about the newest announced champion in League of Legends – Gwen, the hollowed seamstress. Riot just released two videos about Runeterra's freshest face, so let's dive in and talk about what we know so far. The video below is from ProGuides Challenger. By the way, MmoGah has various LoL Accounts for sale. If you are looking to buy LoL Accounts, we can be your first pick.



Gwen’s Ability

The first thing we should do is try and break down the abilities seen in Gwen's trailer. There's a lot going on in the short one-minute trailer showcasing Gwen's abilities. Before we talk about what we saw, let's go over what we know first.


League of Legends Season 11: New Champion Gwen Revealed


Gwen is supposed to be released as an AP Top Laner. She's a squishy AP fighter that doesn't really have the tools to kill the enemy backline. This sounds horrible on paper, but Riot plans to give her something that we've never seen before. If you've ever tried to play a squishy champion with no CC in the top lane, you'll quickly realize that getting locked down by the enemy almost always means your death. Luckily, Gwen has a unique ability that looks like it totally nullifies any CC ability used on her. This blue mist leaves a small area that appears to follow Gwen for a short time while she slices through her enemies.


So we know that one ability helps Gwen deal with the enemy frontline, but what about the rest of her abilities? I've watched the trailer about 30 times to try and dissect each of them, and it looks like she has two other combat abilities alongside her blue mist. The first ability showcased in the trailer shows Gwen dashing a short distance before throwing a threaded needle. This ability throws three needles the next time that you use it and then five. The needles could also be part of Gwen's passive, but we'll need more info before we can know for sure. The last ability showcase looks pretty simple - Gwen cuts whatever's in front of her with her giant scissors. This looks like a short-range ability that will probably deal pretty high damage as long as you can get in the fight and land it. We'll need to wait until more information is available to really figure out how Gwen will play out in the meta.


Gwen’s Teaser

Outside of her gameplay, Riot also released a short trailer showing the creation of Gwen. It's clear the Gwen used to be a doll, something very special that Isolde made on her own. Even after her maker passed away and she was left behind, Gwen never wore down. If you pay close attention to the trailer, you can see that the blue souls that leave a soulda’s body are the same color as the mist that Gwen leaves behind. Does she have a part of the soulda’s soul inside of her? We don't know everything yet, but there's definitely more going on beneath the surface.


That’s all for today. Hope we will see more gameplay soon. If you like the content, stay tuned to MmoGah for more LoL news.

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