The Best Warpath Void Knight Build in Last Epoch

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The Warpath Void Knight in Last Epoch is a powerful build that revolves around the Warpath skill, creating echoes that copy your damage and applying Time Rot to maximize damage output. It's known for its high damage and excellent move speed, and it is considered new player-friendly. However, it's also noted for not being very tanky. Today, we will share a Warpath Void Knight build made by ronarray, an amazing YouTuber, and he did a lot to fix the tankiness of this build. If you are interested, keep reading.

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Skill Setup



Unchained – 2 points

Reckless Spin – 1 point

Void Spiral – 2 points

Echo Knight – 1 point

Apocalypse Whirl – 1 point

Maw of the Deep – 1 point

Iron Reach – 1 point

Whirling Steel – 5 points

Battlemaster’s Blade – 1 point

Dark Nexus – 1 point

Juggernaut Stance – 5 points


Sigils of Hope

Sigils of Despair – 1 point

Last Wish – 1 point

Meditation – 1 point

Sign of the Guardian – 3 points (can provide 12% of Block Chance)

Tetragran – 1 point (get one additional Sigil)


Volatile Reversal

Warped Time – 3 points (for Global attack speed)

Incipient Void Rift – 1 point

Food for the Wyrms – 4 points

Harbinger of Dust – 3 points


Use Volatile Reversal to boost the damage and get your health back.



Temporal Prison – 4 points

Borrowed Time – 1 point

Time Bubble – 1 point

Temporal Mastery – 4 points

Lingering Memory – 1 point

Time Lord – 1 point

Manipulation – 2 points

Void Touched – 1 point



Regenerative Shell – 2 points

Augmented Plating – 5 points

Brave the Elements – 4 points

Protective Legacy – 1 point

Burst of Speed – 1 point

Solemn Vow – 2 points


Use it when you want to tank huge Telegraph attacks from the boss or any kind of strong enemy.





Juggernaut – 8 points (for Strength and Resistances)

Fearless – 8 points (for Vitality)

Stalwart – 1 point (for Block Chance)

Aegis of Renewal – 1 point

Armour Clad – 5 points

Valiant Charge – 2 points

Blademaster – 5 points


Forge Guard

Steel Aegis – 1 point



Honour – 1 point

Defiance – 4 points

Valor – 10 points


Void Knight

Void Corruption – 2 points

Void Blades – 8 points

Abyssal Endurance – 8 points

World Eater – 6 points

Finality – 5 points

Echoing Strikes – 5 points

Time Legion – 10 points

Avatar of Regret – 1 point

Essence of the End – 1 point

Void Flux – 1 point (helps you time shift nearby enemies to stun the bosses if they did a huge hit to you)

Eternal Form – 10 points (provides a lot of Vitality and increased Health percentage)



Weapon: Apathy’s Maw

Ring: Siphon of Anguish (as it provides Elemental Resistance, movement speed, and a lot of Leech)

Relic: Anchor of Oblivion (as it can give you enough endurance to reach the cap, and it also will help you with endurance threshold and void damage)

Boots: Darkstride

Gloves: Assassin’s Eternal Gauntlet’s of Blocking (It's important to get armor mitigation and damage over time here. You can get Block Chance. Also, Critical Strike chance and Melee attack speed are recommended stats.)

Belt: Praetorian Belt of the Ox (you can get 100% chance to cleanse all ailments on portion use so you can cleanse all debuffs from yourself, like ignite, poison, or armor shred.)

Amulet: Oracle Amulet of Life (“less damage over time taking” is recommended.)

Helmet: Sentinel’s Terror Crowns of the OX (as it can provide you 100% increased echo damage when a skill is echoed)

Body Armor: Titan Heart (can give you a lot of nice bonuses, like 15% less damage taken while wielding a two-handed Melee Weapon, 40% increased health, and 40% increased Melee damage.)



Warlord’s Grand Solar Idol of Despair: increased Melee Void damage and Warpath area

Warlord’s Grand Solar Idol of Dismantling: 34% chance to shred armor on hit and 16% increased Warpath area

Chronophage’s Ornate Solar Idol of the Fortress: 146% increased Echo damage when a skill echoes

Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Insulation: for increased Health and Elemental Resistance

Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Life: the second one is just for health.

Plated Small Lagonian Idol of Insulation: the first is to get additional resistance, and the second one is for Elemental resistance and armor.



Grand Depths of Infinity: 40% chance to shred Void resistance on hit

Grand Survival of Might: Critical Strike Avoidance

Grand Patience Herkir: armor while channeling

Grand Bulwark of the Tundra: 49% increased armor

Grand Crash of the Waves: 130% increased stun chance


Hope the article is helpful. Happy gaming, adventurers!

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