Last Epoch Rogue: Shadow Falconer Build

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The Shadow Falconer build for the Rogue class in Last Epoch is a popular choice for players looking for a dynamic and powerful playstyle. Well, Perra Gaming shared his own Shadow Falconer build on his YouTube channel. According to him, this build clears everything you come across, and it absolutely decimates bosses, hitting upwards of 60 million with Shadow Falcons. Let’s check it out. Meanwhile, if you want to accumulate some wealth in last epoch to help build your character, as an online shop that has been in the market for over 15 years, we can be your best choice to buy last epoch gold.


How the Build Works

In this build, we use Dive Bomb, and when combined with On Wings of Shadow and the correct stats, it spawns tons of Shadow Falcons. The damage is boosted even further from the Falconry skill, allowing our Falcon to gain all of our hard-earned damage multipliers. We also use Explosive Trap for damage, allowing us to stack unlimited physical penetration to our Falcon through the Sky Signal passive.


To become an unkillable tank, we get a ton of defensives using Explosive Trap. Through the Smoke Traps passive, this skill can grant us a ton of Dodge Chance via Dusk Shroud, making us invincible. We also have Shift and Smoke Bomb.



Defensive: Health, 60% Endurance, 100% Crit Avoid, Glancing Blow, 75% Resistances

Offensive: 100% Crit chance, Melee Falcon damage, Dexterity, as much minion damage as possible, increased bow damage

You also need 200 Mana and 15 Mana per second.



Helm: Rogue's Falconry Helm of the OX (+dex)

Bow: Talons of Valor (It’s easy to get, so make sure to grab it with as many legendary powers as possible)

Amulet: Omnis

Chest Armor: Rogue's Falconry Armor of Life

Quiver: Ranger’s Skalnir Quiver of Acid

Rings: Commander’s Turquoise Ring of Endurance and Commander’s Opal Ring of Deflection (+crit implicit, +minion damage, 60% endurance, Health, Dexterity and Mana Regen)

Belt: Rejuvenating Chain Belt of the OX (same stats as rings, plus cooldown reduction)

Gloves: Dexterous Arcane Bracers of Life

Boots: Mercurial Vanguard Boots of Sanctuary (tier 7 movement speed would be good)

Relic: Cambit of an Erased Rogue (minion damage, crit damage, Resistances, Health)



There are three recommended blessings. The other ones vary depending on your needs. The first is Grand Resolve of Humanity, and this is the most important one, as 20% resistance is absolutely good. The second is Grand Spirit of Command, as it grants you huge damage. The last one is Grand Bulwark of the Tundra, granting you a 40% increased armor.


Skills (Important Nodes)


Explosive Trap


 explosive trap


Blast Rain: we want to use Talons of Valor for big damage, so we need bow skills.

Sky Signal: this node allows us to buff our Falcon infinitely by shooting out our traps.

Smoke Traps: it allows us to stack a ton of Dodge and cap out our Glancing Blows, which is nice.

Ash Compartment: it allows us to stack up to 50% Resistance Shred with ease.






For Shift, we start with some cooldown reduction and a ton of damage from Deadly Ambush, then put some points in Shadow Recuperation for some extra healing. On the right side, grab Momentum for movement speed and Lasting Presence for an extra Shadow. As you know, the more Shadows we have, the more dive bombs we'll get, so here's one way to grab an extra dive bomb. Then, pick up Swift Recovery, Shadowslip, and Elusive for actual invulnerability.






Falconer's Mark: whenever our Falcon hits an enemy, the enemy will get marked.

Avian Arsenal: by consuming the Falconer’s Mark, we can boost our Falcon to large amounts of damage, and this buff also stacks with our bow damage.

Wake of Winds: grants us movement speed and attack speed

Trained to Hunt: 75% of our increased bow damage applies to our Falcon’s damage. The same goes for “Go for the Eyes” and “Exposed Weakness”, which grant the Falcon Crit chance and Crit damage.

Falconer's Journey: we can’t forget this, as it is one of the reasons we want to stack as much Dexterity as possible.


Smoke Bomb


 Smoke Bomb


Smokescreen Arrow: it allows us to shoot the smoke bomb on our enemies from range.

Moonlight Bomb: each time we use the smoke bomb, we dodge the next attack and gain ward.

Cleansing Steam: grants you a free cleanse

Umbral Assault: other than one Shadow from our Shift ability, this is how we spawn all of our Shadows, and as you know, we need Shadows for our Dive Bomb.


Dive Bomb


 Dive Bomb


Cloud Gatherer: extends the duration of our smoke bombs

On Wings of Shadow and Dancing Shadows: this is how we deal damage. The smoke bomb will spawn three shadows, and our Shift grants us one. Not only that, the Shadow Falcons actually dive again from Dancing Shadows, so we get eight Shadow Dive Bombs and one regular Dive Bomb, which is amazing.




Rogue Passives


 Rogue Passives


Steady Hand: 8 points for Dexterity and Health

Guile: 8 points for Dodge and Poison Resistance

Evasion: 5 points for 20% damage reduction

Dodge and Parry: 3 points for Dodge and Glancing Blow Chance


Marksman Passives

Draining Arrows: 5 points for extra attack speed and healing


Bladedancer Passives

Cloak of Shadows: 8 points for extra Dexterity and Glancing Blows


Falconer Passives


 Falconer Passives


Wilderness Scout: 8 points

Handler: 5 points for more minion damage

Agile Hunt: 8 points for Dexterity

Rangers Mark: 1 point, as the stacking chance doesn't go up

Tactician: 6 points for more damage

Deflect and Weave: 5 points for getting our Glancing Blows up

Coordinated Fade: 1 point, granting us a free Dodge as well as Ward after spamming our Shift a few times

Evasion Tactics (6 points) and Relentless Talons (5 points) for more damage

Intuitive Connection: 1 point, making Falcon strikes and Dive Bomb have a longer cooldown

Poise: 5 points for more Glancing Blow chance

Stymphalian Feathers: 6 points; not only are we granted armor through Dexterity stacking, but it also grants us armor whenever our Falcon hits an enemy.

Finesse Them: 7 points for Crit Avoidance

Tailwind: 6 points for reduced damage taken, movement speed, and Dodge

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