Last Epoch Rogue: Best Detonating Arrow Marksman Build

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Today, we will introduce a Detonating Arrow Marksman build shared by Raxxanterax on his YouTube channel the other day. This build can clear the entire Echo instantly and defeat the T4 boss, Julra, in one second. Meanwhile, if you need some Le gold to prepare for your journey in the Eterra world, MmoGah, with 18 years of experience in the gaming industry, can be your first choice. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


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Two Jelkhor’s Blast Knife Daggers

You can get them from the Prophecy or trading in the Merchant’s Guild. You can also use Runes of Ascendance when a dagger drops. There's a very high chance to get it. One thing to notice is that make sure the minus Mana cost for both daggers is eight in total. These two daggers can be the only things required to start playing this build.


Body Armors

Helmet: Peak of the Mountain (massive Critical Strike chance)

Chest Armor: Core of the Mountain (massive endurance)

Boots: Foot of the Mountain (massive endurance and beneficial attributes)


These can be obtained from the Lightless Arbor dungeon. Core of the Mountain can only drop in T4; the helmet and the boots drop in T2 and T3.


Important Stats



Critical Strike Multiplier

Anything with Lightning Damage

Shred Armor




Helmet: increased Crit Chance per equipped dagger

Chest Armor:

Increased damage while wielding a dagger



Reduced damage from Crits

Movement speed



One thing you must have at least on one of your rings is minus throwing attack mana cost because you can throw traps everywhere all over the Echo to defeat the boss quickly. Rax recommended us having them on both our rings, as your quality of life will be very high.



Throwing Attack Speed



The reduced damage from Crits



Eviscerating Ucenui’s Sphere of Life

  • 100% chance to cast a water orb when you hit a boss or a rare enemy
  • Three water orbs if your Attunement equals your Intelligence (3-second cooldown)
  • 30% increased lightning damage for every water orb you have cast in the last 12 seconds



What you need to have in the amulet is lightning penetration.



Lightning damage

Mana regen


Endurance Threshold



Detonating Arrow

Arcing Blast – 3 points: When you have three points, the Maximum Targets is six, which seems to be the number that will wipe the entire screen. You could take four of four, but three out of four is usually enough for you.

Piercing Thunder – 4 points


Explosive Trap

The thing that you must keep in mind is your defense and Mana's problems. You can solve your Mana problem through Subtle Sabotage and Jelkhor’s Blueprint. But before that, we need to make Explosive Trap trigger Detonating Arrow, as we're playing a Detonating Arrow build. So pick up Arrow Traps. When Explosive Trap detonates, all other Explosive Traps will also detonate in quick succession and fire Detonating Arrows.


There is also a talent called Trapas, which is going to throw your default and converted traps, causing you to throw away more traps, arrows, and lightning tendrils.


Trap Sprinkler: you will have an additional chance to throw more traps, and then the traps will be thrown 12 meters at nearby enemies. This is another chain reaction of traps, so that's why it's insane for AoE, and when you stack them in one spot under a boss, the boss will die instantly.



Through Sleight of Hand, you will throw five Shurikens every time that we dash. Then, you summon the Shurikens in a circle around you (through Blade Shield). Floating Blades will make it last longer. Then, through Bladed Armor, you will gain 30% increased armor per shuriken, which is amazing. Another thing that is worth your notice is Swift Recovery - whenever you dash, you gain Mana. So when you're struggling with Mana early on, dash all the time as it gives you back 16 Mana.



Grand Strength of Mind

Grand Echo of Solarum

Grand Subtlety of Slaughter

Grand Chaos of Lagon

Grand Resolve of Humanity

Grand Resolve of Grael

Grand Body of Obsidian


Hope you find the content helpful and have fun! Below is the original video made by Raxxanterax.


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