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In the endgame of Last Epoch, you'll encounter a myriad of challenges and opportunities, representing the ultimate test for your character's development. The endgame offers a variety of systems and activities where you can continue to push the boundaries of your character build and skills while reaping lucrative rewards and achievements. To stand out in this high-stakes environment, here are some tips and strategies Zizaran shared on his YouTube channel to help you succeed in Last Epoch's endgame.


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Optimize Your Loot Filter

A Loot Filter in Last Epoch is a tool that allows players to manage the vast amount of items that drop in the game. It helps by hiding items that you don't want to see, making it easier to focus on the gear that's relevant to your build or valuable enough to pick up. Optimizing your loot filter is one of the best ways to save time. It’s very easy to use, and once you get good at it, it'll do pretty much all of the work for you. As your character progresses in the game, you will finally filter out a lot of base types that aren't useful for your build, or you'll hide most non-unique, non-exalted items. Here are some steps to help you set up an effective loot filter:


1. Understand Your Needs: Determine what items and affixes are most beneficial for your build.

2. Start Simple: Begin by filtering out items you definitely don't need, like low-tier bases or affixes irrelevant to your build.

3. Class-Specific Filters: Tailor your filter to your class's needs, focusing on specific affixes and item types.

4. Adjust as You Progress: As your character grows, update your filter to seek out higher-tier items and affixes.

5. Highlight Important Drops: Use recoloring and emphasizing options to make important items stand out.

6. Import Filters: Consider importing a well-crafted filter from experienced players as a starting point.

7. Regular Updates: Keep your filter updated with the latest game changes and your character's progression.


Utilize a Dump Tab in your Stash

Utilizing a dump tab in Last Epoch is a great way to manage your inventory quickly and efficiently, especially during long farming sessions or when you're pushing higher corruption levels. Here's how you can set up and use a dump tab:


1. Create a Dump Tab: Designate one or more stash tabs as your 'dump' tabs. These will be used to quickly store items during your gameplay sessions.

2. Quick Transfer: After each run or when your inventory is full, open your stash and shift-click items into the dump tab without sorting them. This allows you to get back to the action faster.

3. Sort Later: Once you're done with your gaming session, go back to your dump tab to sort through the items. Decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to craft with.

4. Organize Your Stash: Have a system for your stash tabs. For example, separate tabs for different item types, affixes, or gear for other characters.

5. Use Affinities: If available, set up tab affinities to automatically sort items into designated tabs based on their type or other criteria.


Run Tomes of Experience Reward Echoes

Run Tomes of Experience reward Echoes when you encounter them because they will give you a lot of Favor and XP for your character. Avoid set items, key rewards, and gold rewards because they are not worth it. The Arena Echo challenges are also very slow and not super rewarding.


Run the Highest Corruption Possible

Gaining more corruption for your Echo is always better, if your build can handle it. Run the highest corruption you can, as it gives more rewards, like more Exalted items and Unique items. There seems to be a higher chance to get Legendary potential on your items.


Filter Prophecies

In Circle of Fortune, make sure to always have prophecies relevant to your current chase. For example, if you're looking for a new relic, target the exalted relic prophecies and always work towards completing your current ones and grabbing new ones.


Lenses for your Observatory

When it comes to lens for your Observatory telescopes, Zizaran suggested blocking at Arena events or Dungeons, followed by a regional lens to aid in finding your specific type of relics, and when you grab rank nine, you can grab Refracting Lens of Wealth to double the rewards.




This will save you Favor in the long run because you will be rerolling a few times, but you will be getting a lot of rewards.



When it comes to making a character tanker, prioritize Health, Ward, or Passive defenses over resistances, as resistances are not as important in this game as they might seem.




For example, if you have 75% fire resistance against a level 100 monster, they will penetrate all your resistances by default, so you basically have zero fire resistance.

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