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Last Epoch emerges as a captivating action RPG that beckons players into the mystical realm of Eterra, a land embroiled in the turmoil of time-travel and apocalyptic events. As players weave through the annals of history, they encounter a world brimming with ancient legends, formidable enemies, and the remnants of fallen civilizations. The game offers a rich tapestry of deep character progression, intricate skill trees, and a multitude of classes and specializations, allowing for personalized hero development. With its engaging combat system, complex crafting mechanics, and expansive endgame activities, Last Epoch stands as a testament to the classic dungeon crawler genre while infusing it with modern innovations and a community-driven approach to game evolution. Whether you're a seasoned explorer of virtual worlds or a newcomer to the genre, Last Epoch promises a journey filled with epic battles, strategic gameplay, and the eternal quest for glory and power.

Dungeons in Last Epoch are a crucial part of the endgame content, offering players the opportunity to test their builds, earn unique rewards, and experience challenging gameplay. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of dungeons.

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Accessing Dungeons

To enter a dungeon, you need a specific key. Each dungeon has its own key, such as the Lightless Arbor Key or the Soulfire Bastion Key. These keys can be acquired through several methods:

1. Timeline Bosses: Guaranteed drops from bosses in the Monolith of Fate.

2. Arena of Champions: Requires arena keys, which are also challenging to acquire.

3. Green-Gold Chests: Random rewards found in chests throughout the game.

4. High-Level Enemies: Random drops from high-level or boss enemies.

These keys are single-use items and are essential for accessing the dungeons that offer fantastic loot, including powerful weapons and armor. It's important to note that the drop rate for dungeon keys increases once players reach Level 54, and taking on stronger enemies routinely holds a good chance of obtaining some keys. Completing many monoliths also holds a good chance of getting a dungeon key, as golden loot boxes from these monoliths can contain them.

Dungeon Basics

Each dungeon in Last Epoch is designed to offer a unique experience, setting it apart from other game content. While the general design of each dungeon is similar, there are specific mechanics and layouts that you'll need to navigate.

Difficulty Scaling

Dungeons scale in difficulty through tiers. There are typically four tiers, with each tier increasing in difficulty and rewards. To access higher tiers, you usually need to complete the lower ones first.


When opening doors within a dungeon, you'll encounter modifiers that increase monster damage and health. These modifiers also affect the rewards you can receive, with better rewards often coming with tougher challenges.

Special Mechanics

Every dungeon has a special mechanic that you'll need to understand and utilize.

Temporal Sanctum

•  Temporal Shift: Allows players to switch between two separate timelines at will. This skill can be used to avoid enemies and mechanics, traverse areas that are unpassable in one timeline, or even find a door to the next map.

Lightless Arbor

•  Light Mechanic: Themed around darkness, this dungeon features a light-based mechanic that buffs players and debuffs enemies. Players must navigate through the darkness, staying near light sources to avoid damage.

Soulfire Bastion

•  Soulfire Stacks: Players must manage stacks of 'Soulfire', which increase damage taken but also boost damage dealt. The dungeon features fiery traps and environmental hazards.

These mechanics are integral to the dungeons and require players to engage with the environment and the enemies in unique ways. Remember, understanding and mastering these mechanics is key to conquering the dungeons and reaping their rewards.

Dungeon Layouts

Dungeons consist of two maps leading to a boss arena. You must navigate through each map, finding doors that lead to the next section and ultimately to the boss encounter. The layout is consistent, but paths can be blocked randomly, adding an element of unpredictability.

Dungeon Overview

Here's a detailed overview of each dungeon in Last Epoch, highlighting their unique features and mechanics:

Lightless Arbor

• Key: Lightless Arbor Key

• Mechanic: Darkness mechanic where visibility is limited and players must stay near light sources to avoid damage.

• Layout: Two maps with a boss arena, featuring blocked paths that change with each run.

• Boss: The boss utilizes darkness-based attacks and can summon minions.

• Strategy: Keep moving between light sources and focus on AoE attacks to handle minions.

Soulfire Bastion

• Key: Soulfire Bastion Key

• Mechanic: Players must manage stacks of 'Soulfire', which increase damage taken but also boost damage dealt.

• Layout: Features fiery traps and environmental hazards.

• Boss: The boss has powerful fire-based attacks and can ignite the ground.

• Strategy: Balance your Soulfire stacks and use movement skills to avoid fire traps.

Temporal Sanctum

• Key: Temporal Sanctum Key

• Mechanic: Temporal Shift allows players to switch between two timelines to navigate the dungeon and avoid attacks.

• Layout: Puzzles involving timeline shifts to access different areas.

• Boss: The boss fight involves shifting timelines to dodge powerful attacks.

• Strategy: Master the Temporal Shift mechanic to outmaneuver the boss and exploit weaknesses.

Dungeon Rewards

Completing dungeons rewards you with experience, LE gold, gear, and sometimes unique items that can't be found elsewhere. Higher-tier dungeons offer better rewards, making them a worthwhile challenge for seasoned players.

• Experience Points: Dungeons provide a significant amount of experience, helping players level up quickly.

• Gear: Monsters and bosses in dungeons drop high-quality gear.

• Unique Items: Some dungeons may drop unique items that cannot be found elsewhere, such as specific equipment or crafting materials.

The Temporal Sanctum allows players to craft their own unique items if they can defeat one of the game's toughest bosses. If you have a unique item with legendary potential and an additional exalted item, you can create a powerful legendary item, which will definitely be an upgrade for your build.


Dungeons in Last Epoch are an exciting and rewarding aspect of the game's endgame. With the right preparation and understanding of each dungeon's mechanics, you can reap significant rewards and enjoy some of the most challenging content the game has to offer.

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