• New Double Boiler Shotgun in Fortnite: Save the World
    By Bmichaellogan2019-04-19 00:00:00

    Recently, the newest Double Boiler shotgun has come to the Fortnitesave the world. This weapon is unique and popular among players. Today, let our MmoGah website introduce the specific functions, characteristics and usage of the weapon. You can read this article carefully to search more useful information to you. Meanwhile, more fortnite items including Weapons, Traps and Materials can be found in the website, which will meet your needs as much as possible.


    Now, if you have a look at this weapon, the first thing might come to your mind is that this weapon is much similar to the Dragoon, which is good for targets that don’t really have that much health and are good at eliminating multiple at the same time. And the Dragoon is also really good for waveclear, so you’re able to kill at least a crap ton of husks and little hustling’s per shot. However, even though the Double Boiler shotgun looks like just a normal waveclear shotgun, but it is not. Well, just take a look at the following note included in the picture, you will know the concrete characteristics of this shotgun and the difference between the Dragon and it.




    As you can see in the picture, the Double Boiler shotgun fires two slugs with reasonable accuracy in range, but it has tiny ammo capacity and a long reload time. A slug is essentially just shotgun shell, but it’s really meant for single target damage and it also has a very good range. How crazy the potential for the weapon is when it comes to single target damage, only a Dragoon could dream about putting this amount of damage, because normally a Dragoon is just used for its waveclear and impact, nevertheless, this weapon is used for its absolute destruction of anything that comes across it.


    After coming to know some features of this new weapon, you may would like to get some information related to what kind of heroes can be matched with it. Next, let our MmoGah continues to give an account of this part of the content.


    There are several heroes can be used in the game Fortnite: Save the World just as follows:


    Buckshot Raptor: It can be got from the collection book by getting to a level 100 and is able to increase your shotgun critical damage by 125%.


    Shrapnel Headhunter: You can find it in the same place as Buckshot Raptor - the collection book. The hero is beneficial to increase your shotgun damage.


    Chromium Ramirez: This hero has the function of generating your shield for three seconds.

    Besides these heroes described above, other heroes such as Skull Ranger Ramirez, Skull Trooper Jonesy and so on can be matched with this newest shotgun - Double Boiler, thus bringing the best game experience to you.


    In addition, any situation is suitable for this new shotgun and there are many possibilities depending on how you use it, but one thing is for sure and very consistent is that it is able to output a crap ton of damage at whatever you are shooting at. The foregoing text is all the introduction about the new shotgun. Well, this article is qouted from the Demonjoefrance’s video below, more contents in detail can be seen in it: 



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