• What Makes FFXIV so Unique
    By Nightmare2021-06-13 00:00:00

    What is it that makes Final Fantasy XIV so unique? What is it that keeps veteran players playing for years? What is it that attracts many new players to try it and find themselves fell in love with it? Well, I think there are many reasons.



    The best development team


    The developers care for the game and the players. I can see the hard work they put into the game every time I log in, and after watching Soken and Yoshida's speech at the Digital Fan Festival 2021, I truly respect what they have done.





    Soken is the sound director and composer for the game. Last year in March, he found out that he had cancer and was in the hospital. He didn't want to sit there and do nothing, so he worked in the hospital bed for 6 or 7 months and didn't tell anybody else besides Yoshida about it. Then they finally were able to release patch 5.3 and the song To the Edge.


    Seeing the reactions of all the players from around the world also helped him to conquer cancer. So, in a way that Final Fantasy XIV provided an outstanding play experience for players, and we players’ reactions supported the developers through their hard times. So, we are a good team.


    In the speech, Soken said, “Video games can really heal.” Well, I say that only if you truly care about a thing, so it can support you and heal you. For Soken, it is the game that he is a part of making.


    Such a united family makes such a good video game. Well, I think all of us are one big family, the developers and the players. And also, the FFXIV Gil sellers are a part of the family too because they can make our game time more enjoyable. Why would say that? Because I am a player and also have a job in real life, it's hard to make FF14 Gil with less time. If you are in the same situation as me and want to buy FFXIV Gil, I recommend MmoGah, since they have been helping me for years without any problem.





    Yoshida was crying during the speech, saying, “Soken told me that we have to keep going, we have to do it for the players, the best cure for my cancer is the cheer from the fans.” Well, at some point, it becomes more than just a job for them because they have put so much love into the game.






    There are so many positive comments about the storyline, the music, and the developers. It's also what I would like to say about the game too. I love the game and the developer group.



    Healthy community


    I was in a raid the other day, and there was a new person there. He kept making all kinds of mistakes and was apologizing in the chat. There were 24 people in the raid, and everybody was saying like, you are fine, you are new, you are learning, it's ok, chill out. Everybody was cheering him on. The FFXIV community can make you feel very welcomed.




    If you had a bad experience with the community in the game, well, don't worry, there will be some bad apples here and there, but not most people are like that. The majority of people are helpful.



    Freedom in the game


    You can do whatever you feel like doing, such as leveling, crafting, gathering, running dungeons, gather minions & mounts or getting new glamours. You could do tons of different things in this game. The game is not putting excessive pressure on you but the freedom and the flexibility to decide what you want to do instead of telling you what you should be doing.


    New Mounts



    So, what do you think about Final Fantasy XIV? What is unique for you, and what's keeping you playing the game? Let me know in the comment section, thank you.