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Things To Do Before Endwalker in FFXIV

Nightmare September 27th, 2021 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

Most players in Final Fantasy XIV are waiting for the next expansion-Endwalker, which has two months left before its release. What can we do to get ready for it?




Here I have separated players into four stages


Stage One: You have leveled everything to the max level.


Stage Two: You have at least one job at the max level.


Stage Three: You have one job that is almost to the max level.


Stage Four: You have just started the game.



Stage One


If you are at stage one, then you are a master of this game. You can take some time off if you feel like it, or keep playing and help new players, or hang out with friends in-game.


Well, there are two things you might need to do before the new expansion.

    1. You can prepare a decent amount of FFXIV Gil. Whether it is in real life or in-game life, it is always good to be prepared.
    2. Clean your inventory. The new expansion comes with higher levels, new stories, new dungeons, and new items, so you should make enough room for the new things.




Stage Two


If you are at stage two, you can focus on one job first, which is to get the best equipment to have a higher start at the beginning of the new expansion and clear some dungeons. If you have already done that, you can farm mounts, minions, or glamours that you like. Also, remember to prepare Gil and clean your inventory.


If you haven’t done Coils and Omega, you should get them done before the new expansion. Those were the two things that the FFXIV story writer-Natsuko Ishikawa said that you really should go through. That’s the recommendation that she has if you want any hints on the story for Endwalker. You should also do previous side contents if you have more time, such as Four Lords, Werlyt, Eureka, Bozja, and all the Job Quests.




Stage Three


If your highest level is almost to the max level, then you should keep working on that. There are still two months for you to catch up and get ready for Endwalker. Remember to finish your main scenario quests as well.


If you don’t have plenty of time to level up yourself and want to play the new expansion when it first comes out, you can buy FFXIV Power Leveling at MmoGah. They will level up your character and do the main scenario quests, but remember to learn all the new skills afterward.


If you have more time, then you should clear the side contents in stage two.



Stage Four


If you are at stage four and far from the max level, then no rush, take your time and enjoy the game.


You can play the game like there is no new expansion coming. Eventually, you will get there.


Don’t forget to level up your retainers too.



No matter what stage you are at, you can always collect Squadron Battle Manuals, which increases 15% EXP earned by defeating enemies in the field, and the duration is 120 minutes. In this way, you can level up faster when the new expansion comes or whenever you want to level up a battle class.





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