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The Review of FFXIV after One Week Playing

Helen Keller July 25th, 2017 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

It has been more than a month since Stormblood was released. Tens of thousands of FFXIV gamers have experienced the new expansion and give it highly positive reviews. As a representative review, here is what a player thought after one week playing and MmoGah lists it in the following parts.


The reviewer says that he recently started playing this game, he thinks it’s been one week. First of all, he’s a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, he played all of the games (minus one or two), finished them all and will continue buying future Final Fantasy games. Not because he’s a fanboy, but because every one of them is unique and fantastic.


Since he’s also a MMORPG fan, he decided to try this one after playing tons of them: Dofus, Guild Wars 2, Aion, Tera, Black Desert Online, etc. After playing all of them, he can say for sure that Final Fantasy XIV became his favorite MMORPG of all time. Again, not because he’s a Final Fantasy fanboy, but there are a lot of things to point out about this game that made him become addicted.


He wants to start with the bad things. He hated so, so much the progression until level 35 or 40. He’s never seen such a slow gameplay, his character always looking like a homeless clown and the quests so boring. Brings this to that, kills this and that, activates this and that, goes here and there, talks to him and her. It can’t be more classic than that, He just wanted to sleep sometimes. However he continued, because the ratings are so high everywhere and He’s always curious to see what path does the game lead to. Plus, he was trying the game for free, so it couldn’t hurt a cent.


And then, it suddenly got interesting. The story somehow was becoming something, the dungeons were getting a little bit more interesting, his character looks like a real character, the battles were getting more intense and he never used my keyboard so much in a MMORPG. It became addictive. Then, he fought the Titan in a dungeon, with this AMAZING soundtrack, and that’s when he thought “WOW. There is the Final Fantasy spirit”. He got so hyped and was convinced that it would get even better after some point. He got level 35 and bought the game. Then he got level 50 and bought Stormblood. He don’t regret it, and it’s only been one week. There’s other nice things, like the crafting jobs that are quite pleasing, doing some logs, going to the Gold Saucer, the mounts, the minions, the customization, the multi-class in one character, etc. Usually it takes a couple of dollars to get this kind of thing in a MMORPG. But not with Final Fantasy XIV. You buy the game, you pay the subscription and you get rewarded with awesome content.


Some of you may say “why did you rush until 50 in one week?” Well, He didn’t, he just has a lot of time lately, so he only did some quests, FATEs and the main quest. And when he looks at what the game has to offer, he gets so hyped! He hasn’t even tried 1/10 of the game, or 1/20 for sure. Getting to immerse in a Final Fantasy universe like this makes him want to subscribe later once his free trial finishes. It has some technical things that aren’t perfect, and he misses that from some MMORPGs, but the universe is something else. You feel a real sense of progression in this game, on the contrary of Guild Wars 2 or Black Desert Online, where you can be a boss ass bitch already at level 1.


And from what he’s experienced, the community is nice and there’s still some people doing things in the first maps, so it’s lively whilst not too crowded. He’s happy to now be part of a MMORPG that he likes, that people like and that fits his style.


From the review, we can see the player changing attitude from the start to the end. MmoGah guesses that many of you have the same thoughts like him, finally you all find that FFXIV is worth playing. However, there are some hard aspects that hold players back, like leveling which needs time and skills, but gamers usually have no time to do this, at this time you have to find a professional ffxiv power leveling web for help.


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