How to Rank up Free Company Fast with FFXIV GIL

By John Ryan2015-01-06


For the players who build a new free company, ranking it up is a big problem. It takes a lot of time, what’s more, when a company hasn’t got Rank 5, Grand Company Buffs couldn’t be used. Company ranking up only uses company experience points, it seems that there is nothing associated with ffxiv gil. But in fact, enough FFXIV GIL could make company rank up easier. This is the experience I have got, it may be more or less useful to you.


For small companies, the best way to rank up is trading HQ gear for storm seal. According to my experience, when one player trade for storm seal, other company members had better log out, the online members should be three at best. Because one handing in HQ gear could get 95 company exp points, the second could get 117, the third could get 168, and the less members online the more company exp points we can get. If you have enough leveled crafting jobs and time, you could make HQ gear by yourself, making HQ gear could also get company experience points, but NQ couldn’t, and that handing in NQ gear can get half of HQ. So if you want to rank up fast, you’d better buy more HQ materials with ffxiv gil, or have full leveled crafting jobs. There is a good way to save ffxiv gil that you could use your storm seal to trade for gear, then use the gear to trade for storm seal again, you can get company exp points at the same time.

This method may be helpful to new companies, it is fast and it needn’t a lot of company members. We only need enough ffxiv gil, if you don’t have enough time to make HQ gear by yourselves, you can buy some directly.

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