• Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Guides of Island Sanctuary
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    The recent Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 packed a ton of new content, including a major update to the Island Sanctuary. Let us dive deeper into it and discover what's new in Island Sanctuary and how to unlock it.


    The long-awaited Patch 6.4 is finally here and alongside some exciting new updates to the Island Sanctuary as well. If you have already been enjoying your island getaway in FFXIV, things just got even sweeter with new animals, decor, items, and much more! Here's everything you need to know about the Island Sanctuary and what's new in patch 6.4.


    Island Resort Glamour Set


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    How to Unlock and Enter the Island Sanctuary

    Island Sanctuary is a gameplay mode introduced to the game in Patch 6.2. You can create your very own dream paradise in the Cieldalaes region with all your favorite animals and crops, and even build accommodations and decorate them in this mode. You can hang out there to collect resources and materials, level up your skills, and your Island Sanctuary rank.


    To access this content, you must have completed the level 90 Main Scenario Quest, Endwalker. Once you meet this requirement, you can talk to the Clueless Crier NPC in Old Sharlayan and accept the "Seeking Sanctuary" quest.


    Once unlocked, you can travel to your Island Sanctuary anytime by speaking to Baldin at Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Nosecea (X:24.9, Y:34.8). You can leave your island at any time by either using Return, Teleport, or the boat at (X:9.2, Y:28.3).


    When you get your sanctuary, you can have farms, pastures, and workshops to keep yourself busy. You can level up each of these elements to unlock more content for your sanctuary and expand it. You can also have minions (up to 40) roaming freely around the island to add more life and unlock exclusive mounts.


    What is New in Patch 6.4

    Patch 6.4 packed one of the biggest updates to Island Sanctuary since its release. The maximum Sanctuary Rank has been raised to 16 from the previous rank of 12, and a ton of more content, including new building features, new visions, new items, new mounts, and new animals, has been added. Following is an overview of all the new content to Island Sanctuary in Patch 6.4:


    •     • The maximum Sanctuary Rank has been raised to 16
    •     • New items and mounts at the Horrendous Hoarder NPC
    •     • New gathering area
    •     • New construction plots in the hideaway area
    •     • New sanctuary crafting recipes
    •     • New animals
    •     • New isleworks handicrafts
    •     • New materials from foraging expeditions


    There are three newly added mounts in Island Sanctuary, selling by the Horrendous Hoarder NPC for 18000 seafarer's cowries each, which are Island Garlic Jester, Island Tomato King, and Island Mandragora Queen.


    newly added mounts


    Once you hit Sanctuary rank 16, you can unlock the following rewards:


    •     • Island Resort Glamour Set
    •     • Mount: Idol Buffalo
    •     • Cozy Cabin Building
    •     • Produce Building
    •     • Clockwork Fire Station
    •     • Employment Park: Clockwork Clock Tower


    Idol Buffalo



    The newly added Island Sanctuary keeps the player engaged until more content in future updates. Patch 6.4 has already added landmarks and areas that hint at upcoming content. Till then, you can rank up your sanctuary by engaging in activities such as gathering resources, capturing animals, farming crops, raising your livestock, adding and upgrading new building structures, and fulfilling product orders.


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