• All Hades Weapons in FFXIV Patch 5.5
    By Nightmare2021-04-28 00:00:00

    Are you level 80 in Final Fantasy XIV? What weapon are you currently using? Here is a video made by The Fashionista FFXIV that shows you the Hates weapons in all classes. You can find out what it looks like for your class/classes or the ones you are interested in.




    0:00​​ Paladin

    0:25 Warrior

    0:50​​ Monk

    1:04​ Dragoon

    1:25​​ Bard

    1:49​​ Ninja

    2:10​ DarkKnight

    2:30 Machinist

    2:50 WhiteMage

    3:04 BlackMage

    3:16 Summoner

    3:30 Scholar

    3:44 Astrologian

    4:05 Samurai

    4:19 RedMage


    4:48​ Dancer


    All these Hades weapons have smock and magic circle effects on them. Inside the weapons, there is a purple flame that keeps burning, and black smoke comes out of them. All that effects made them look so magically mysterious.


    There are a few weapons with a face on them. If you look closely, you can find them on:


    • ●  Paladin's shield. (00:16)


    • ●  Both of Monk's hands. (00:53 & 00:58)


    • ●  One side of Bard's bow. (01:38)   


    • ●  Red Mage's flowing part. (04:26)



    Do you know all these weapons are tradable? You can buy them on the Market Board.


    If you are new to the game, then this is one more goal for you to level up to 80, so you can equip these fancy weapons and maybe take some cool screenshots with them.


    Weapons like these do not come in cheap. If you are low on Gil, MmoGah is here to help. You can buy FFXIV Gil there. It is less than 2 dollars for 1M Gil currently, which will be much easier than you to farm it yourself and save you more time to enjoy the game and have more fun.


    There are several ways to receive FFXIV Gil in the game. Therefore you may find one that you feel comfortable with:


    1. Trade it face-to-face. (You can put an item in the trading bar when you are receiving your Gil.)
    2. Through Market Board. (You put an item/several items on the Market Board for sellers to buy.)
    3. Through FC chest. (You invite the seller to your FC, then they put the amount of Gil you ordered into the FC chest.)


    Furthermore, if you have any questions, feel free to contact them on Live Chat.