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The power and appeal of the Final Fantasy series have been well-known among the global gaming community for several decades now. As its evolution continues and the world expects the latest releases from the Final Fantasy franchise, some older games continue to have a lasting appeal. Final Fantasy XI is a great example of such a title. More than 20 years since its release, the game continues not only to hold older players but also to introduce new FFXI gamers and fans who are only discovering this amazing title. One of the reasons for its success is the incredibly well-developed set of gameplay systems that it offers. Thanks to these, players can find countless hours of fun and engagement with FFXI and its numerous elements.


Among these, alchemy, which is under the crafting category in FFXI, is one of the most interesting things for any player to engage in. FFXI alchemy is, in fact, so thrilling that it is the sole reason why so many players keep coming back for more. But, there is much to the question of how to alchemy in FFXI. The same process often includes a range of factors and elements that can get quite confusing, even for veteran players. New FFXI players, on the other hand, can get completely confused by the alchemy system. To help with that process, here is a breakdown of these processes with an ultimate Final Fantasy XI alchemy guide. With it, anyone will be more than able to take on the creation process in Final Fantasy 11 and mix up some amazing contraptions that will not only help them in their in-game efforts but also produce a gaming experience that is much more fun to play.


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The Success of Final Fantasy XI

At its core, FFXI, also known under the name of Final Fantasy XI Online, is basically an MMORPG title that the legendary Squaresoft game development company created and published. This initially took place in May 2002, initially for PlayStation 2 and the Windows PC platform only a couple of months later. It quickly generated a huge level of success, while it also was the first game from the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre to offer full cross-platform play. That means that players on both PS and PC could enjoy the same title together, sharing the same servers. But, one of the reasons why all content offering some insight into how to do alchemy in FFXI is still so popular, all those years after the original release, is the very high level of quality that this game offers. Overall, the title is set in the world of Vana’diel, a fantasy land where players take on both environmental challenges and each other.


Here, they can explore a range of quests and see their avatar progress, but also choose jobs, craft items and do so much more, including the famous procedures behind the FFXI alchemy system. Since the game came out, it has had six additional scenarios and expansion packs, along with a new storyline and a bunch of in-game assets like items, events, areas, and quests. For years, players who wanted to get a bit of help in FFXI used the excellent services of MMOGAH. As a premium provider of game-boosting services, our FFXI gil shop continues to be the best source of aid to anyone who needs a helping hand in Vana’diel. However, there is also the fact that many players do not utilize the potential and usability of FFXI alchemy and what it can do for them. But, with a few simple ideas that this Final Fantasy XI alchemy guide offers, that can change for anyone almost instantly.


Alchemy Ingredients

Taking on FFXI alchemy, first and foremost, includes an understanding of what are its main ingredients. Like in the real-world practice of alchemy, the same approach usually involves mixing two or more elements or ingredients to generate something new. In the case of how to do alchemy in FFXI, the process involves three global categories. First is Farmable Items, the second is Fish, and the third is Groceries/Herbs. Farmable items can be grown or bought throughout the world of FFXI, being that they are usually common and easy to find. Fish can be bought at a number of Fishing Guilds.


These are located in Selbina, Windy, and Bibiki Bay, but feature different prices. Lastly, Groceries and Herbs are located at Raimbroy’s Grocery set in South Sandy or several regional vendors. Understanding where these items can be found is very important, but so are their prices and accessibility. Sometimes, like with Fish, the prices can vary drastically and thus create some issues for players who might simply go buy them whenever they can. Here, the MMOGAH offer can help as well, but still, it pays off to track prices and learn where these are most accessible.


General Alchemy Formula

With the right ingredients, players can use the general approach to their mixing. That usually involves the transition from Ingredients to Powder/Dust form. From here, these can be turned into Potions which can finally become Weapons or Boltheads. In the case of FFXI alchemy, most Guild Points will be generated through this end-point of creating weapons, bullets, or bolt heads, where as many as three separate synths can be gained for one item. With this information, players can take on the creation of an item called Animal Glue as the first test. It requires Fire Crystal, Bone Chip (2 pieces) Distilled Water, and Rabbit Hide. Animal Glue will be a very useful element for most future alchemy recipes, especially for those who want to take their Alchemy Skill beyond level 70. But, more importantly, Animal Glue showcases how this process works. Other ingredients can be combined and mixed into new items.


Exciting World of FF11 Alchemy

Any player will be able to take on the process of creating new and powerful items by using this straightforward Final Fantasy XI alchemy guide. These can be applied in combat, sold, or transformed into even more powerful creations, all thanks to the process that is FFXI alchemy.


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