FFXI Scholar Guide

By zaryab2023-06-20

Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of Final Fantasy XI? It's an incredible game that players absolutely love, and it's still popular even after all these years. Let’s explore why!


First off, FFXI has a huge world with amazing landscapes and fascinating lore. You can explore vast lands, take on challenging quests, and meet fellow adventurers from all around. It's a game that truly immerses you in its universe.


One of the coolest things about FFXI is the job system. You can choose from a bunch of different classes and jobs, like Thief, Black Mage, Scholar, Dancer, or Paladin. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle, so you can find the one that suits you best.


And here's the best part: FFXI keeps getting updated with new stuff! The developers are always adding fresh content, like new zones, quests, and storylines. So there's always something new and exciting to discover.


If you're new to the game and want some help, don't worry! There are plenty of helpful job guides available. They'll give you all the info you need to master your chosen class and become a true hero.


So, in this guide, we’ll learn about the Scholar job in the game. What are its benefits and some unique features, why it is important, and how to level up with this job. Let’s get started!




Scholar job in FFXI

As a Scholar, you're a master of magic and healing. Players really enjoy this versatile class. With a wide range of spells at your disposal, you can both protect and support your party.


What's great is that Scholars can seamlessly switch between offense and defense. You can dish out damage when needed and quickly shift to healing and supporting your teammates. This adaptability makes the Scholar job popular among FFXI adventurers. So, if you're looking for a class that can do it all, the Scholar is a fantastic choice for you!


Scholar's Benefits and Unique Features

In FFXI, you possess a special blend of magic and healing abilities with Scholar that make you a valued member of any party.


Here's why players love it and why it is a great job in the game:


1. Versatile Role: As a Scholar, you seamlessly switch between offensive and defensive roles, adapting to any situation with ease. You can deal damage or support and heal your allies, making you a valuable asset in any party.


2. Mastery of Spells: With a vast repertoire of spells, Scholars possess incredible magical prowess. You can protect, enhance, and cure, ensuring your party's survival and success.


3. Elemental Proficiency: Scholars excel in elemental magic, harnessing the power of fire, ice, wind, and more. Exploit enemy weaknesses and unleash devastating spells tailored to each situation.


4. Party Support: Scholars bring exceptional support abilities to the table. You can restore MP to exhausted spellcasters, extend the duration of buffs, and even revive fallen comrades, keeping your party going strong.


5. Strategic Gameplay: Playing as a Scholar requires tactical thinking. You'll need to balance offense and defense, adapt your spellcasting, and make decisions that optimize your party's chances of victory.


6. Reliable Healing: Scholars possess potent healing abilities, ensuring your party members stay healthy during battles. With efficient and timely healing, you can keep your team on their feet.


7. Enhanced Magic Efficiency: Scholars can reduce MP consumption and casting time for spells, allowing for sustained magical prowess without exhausting your resources too quickly.


8. Scholar Artifacts: As you progress, you'll acquire unique artifacts that enhance your Scholar abilities, further augmenting your spellcasting and support capabilities.


With its versatility, powerful spells, support prowess, and strategic gameplay, the Scholar job continues to captivate players in Final Fantasy XI.


Getting Started with the Scholar (Tips)

Here are some tips to help you master this versatile class:


Embrace versatility: As a Scholar, your ability to switch between offense and defense is key. Don't be afraid to adapt your playstyle to suit the situation.


Prioritize spell selection: Focus on learning a mix of offensive and supportive spells to handle various scenarios effectively. Experiment and find the spells that work best for your playstyle.


Enhance your MP management: Utilize Scholar abilities that reduce MP consumption and invest in gear that boosts your MP pool. Efficient MP usage is vital for extended battles.


 Leverage strategic spellcasting: Consider casting spells preemptively to provide buffs and support before engaging in combat. This proactive approach can give your party an edge.


Utilize Light Arts and Dark Arts: Scholar has access to two distinct modes that enhance different abilities. Learn to switch between Light Arts for support and Dark Arts for the offense to maximize your effectiveness.


Unlock subjobs wisely: Choose a subjob that complements your Scholar abilities. Subjobs like White Mage or Red Mage can provide additional healing or offensive capabilities.


Explore Artifact Armor quests: These quests offer unique gear pieces that enhance your Scholar abilities. Complete them to unlock powerful enhancements for your journey.


How to Unlock the Scholar Job in FFXI

To unlock the Scholar job in FFXI, you'll need to undertake a series of quests and interact with key NPCs. The process begins in Windurst, where you'll find Maat in Windurst Woods. Speak to Maat and initiate the quest titled "The Maat Never Sleeps." He will ask you to retrieve the Testimony from King Ranperre's Tomb, which is located in La Theine Plateau.


Make your way to the tomb, located at (J-7) in La Theine Plateau, and navigate its depths. Defeat the monsters within and obtain the Testimony. Once you have it, return to Maat in Windurst Woods and present him with the Testimony.


Next, travel to Bastok and find Cid in Metalworks. Speak to him and accept the quest called "The Pursuit of Paradise." Cid will request a Key Item known as the "Cerulean Crystal." Head to Beadeaux in Pashhow Marshlands and defeat the monsters there until you obtain the Cerulean Crystal.


Return to Cid in Metalworks and deliver the Cerulean Crystal to him. In return, he will provide you with the Scholar's Testimony. Finally, go back to Windurst Woods and present the Scholar's Testimony to Maat. This will unlock the Scholar job for you, granting access to its unique abilities and spells.


Leveling Up as a Scholar


Early levels: 1-30

When leveling up as a Scholar in the early levels (1-30), there are a few key things to keep in mind. Focus on building your skill with offensive and supportive spells. Participate in lower-level party content and dungeons to gain experience while providing healing and support to your allies. Take advantage of Scholar's ability to switch between Light Arts for support and Dark Arts for the offense. Prioritize increasing your MP pool and gear that enhances your magical abilities. With consistent practice and exploration, you'll steadily grow in power as a Scholar.


Mid-levels: 30-60

As you progress through the mid-levels (30-60) as a Scholar, there are a few strategies to optimize your leveling experience. Continue honing your offensive and supportive spellcasting abilities. Engage in higher-level dungeons and group content to challenge yourself and gain valuable experience. Engaging in higher-level dungeons and group content naturally presents opportunities to earn gil, the in-game currency. Gil can be used to purchase valuable items that assist in your progression, such as gear upgrades and consumables. Consider participating in economy-driven activities or exploring online marketplaces to buy FFXI gil if you require a boost. Consider joining or forming parties with diverse roles to enhance your versatility. Focus on obtaining gear that boosts your intellect and enhances your Scholar abilities. Keep refining your MP management skills and adapt your spell selection based on the challenges you face. Embrace the evolving role of a Scholar and relish the exciting adventures that await you!


High levels: 60-99

When it comes to leveling up as a Scholar in the high levels (60-99), the journey becomes even more exhilarating. Here are some key points to keep in mind. Continuously expand your spell repertoire, acquiring higher-level spells and mastering their usage. Focus on participating in challenging endgame content, such as raids and difficult dungeons, to gain valuable experience and rewards. Collaborate with other players and utilize your versatile abilities to support and heal your party effectively. Upgrade your gear to enhance your magical prowess and survivability. Embrace the complexity and depth of the Scholar job as you soar through the high-level adventures of Final Fantasy XI.


Scholar in Endgame Content

As a Scholar in high-level endgame content, your expertise becomes invaluable. Your versatility to switch between offense and defense shines in challenging raids and encounters. Master your supportive spells to enhance your party's performance while leveraging your offensive abilities to contribute to damage output. Stay updated with the latest gear and strategies, collaborate with skilled players, and relish the excitement of tackling the most formidable challenges as a Scholar in Final Fantasy XI.


Final Thoughts

As a Scholar in Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), you immerse yourself in a world that combines elegance with deadly precision. You will discover the art of Scholar, where you'll support your allies and overcome adversaries with grace and agility. At MMOGAH, you can access invaluable resources and guides to enhance your Scholar experience. Whether you're leveling up or tackling challenging content, MMOGAH provides a reliable platform for acquiring knowledge and resources, ensuring your success as a Scholar. Learn the magic of the Scholar job and unlock its true potential in this captivating realm of FFXI.

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